Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A 21st Century Nightmare.

The 21st century - characterised by its technology, narcissism and heresy. 

11:00 p.m. - The longest text you've ever written in which you truly pour your heart out into pixels. You confess that you love someone and that you miss them, with a hesitant and shaky breath you finally muster up the courage to hit send and alas, you do! You wait for a double tick to appear but it stays as one. It's single and lonely much you like you feel when you realise that the person has blocked you and will never know what you had said. Your ego is bruised and your disposition shifts towards a colder plane. All the things you meant, all of the heart you put into saying them, are all stuck between your rejection and another person's wall. All the ultimatums tied to phone calls, missed and cut. The fact that everything looks the same for everyone else but you and the loneliness of that hitting hard. It was a 21st-century nightmare.

3:00 a.m. - The realisation that Nazis still exist, the far right still exists, racism exists, sexism exists, rape and murder and rampant and the majority of the population who has a loud voice is busily Snapchatting their kale salad. Globalisation is turning us into identical company manufactured burger buns with exactly enough sesame seeds and I don't know what to do about it. The fact that it is 2018 and women are still paid less than men for a reason no one is able to explain to me is a 21st-century nightmare.

8:37 a.m. - I can edit a photograph using four apps for a social media platform that exists in the air but I can't remember to water my plants. I pride myself on being able to do an hour of Ballet Beautiful without passing out but walking up the stairs in school is still kind of exhausting. I drink coffee on an empty stomach and survive on cup noodles for months and wonder why my body is so rude to me and feel the need to try out Beyonce's lemonade diet. I trash talk about a boy who has hurt me for you all to read yet last night I was a mess, sitting on him and kissing his cheek. I've forgotten how to read a book and I am a 21st-century nightmare.


  1. Love this. Aren't we all just 21st century nightmares...

  2. This guy needs to move to Antarctica

  3. Write more writemore writemore writemore


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