Monday, 2 January 2017

A Roundup of 10 Top Blogging & Instagramming Tips of 2016.

2016 has been a year of blogging for me. The greatest things that happened to me this year were in the sphere of blogging. I got my first sponsorship, got invited on a press trip to Bali, figured out how hard it is to manage school and blogging, got a promo code of my name, hit follower goals and overall just created a lot of content. Wanderlustric is my happy place, it's the little world that I control and it genuinely means so much to me that you stick around and you do leave comments and send me emails. So thank you. I'll always appreciate every single one of you. 

1. If you're feeling uninspired, look back at your content. 

I know that you would think if you're feeling uninspired you should browse a couple of other blogs and Instagram accounts just to get ideas flowing, however, I've realised that its much better to just look back at your old content and what got you inspired in the first place. For me that's stories, travel, nature and day to day people. These are the things that fascinate me and these are the origins of all my content. 

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is a photo-sharing website where you can also use other people's images for free. It's genuinely where half of my blog post ideas come from, you could see a picture of two friends travelling and write a post on 30 best places to travel to with your best friend or see a picture of a concert and write about the best festivals categorized according to continents. The pictures are endless therefore the ideas that can spawn from them are endless.

3. The way to get ahead is to get started.

It's simple.

4. There has to be a balance between quantity & quality.

I'm genuinely tired of seeing articles debating on whether quality > quantity or quality < quantity. I think that there has to be a balance but the balance should be leaning towards quantity, simply for one reason. This reason is that if you focus too much on quality you'll end up posting once in 8 months. The best quality would be closest to perfection and perfection in the creative world is a useless and meaningless word.
I do not encourage posting mediocre articles 7 times a day but the reason I would move towards quantity more is because you can always improve on quality as time progresses and you'll never fully be satisfied.

5. You already have the tools you need.

Truly, all you need is an internet connection. Don't wait for certain scenarios to occur in your life, build yourself up to them so that when the moment arises you'll be prepared.

6.  It's imperative to disconnect.

Take a trip to a deserted cabin in the mountains where there's barely any phone connectivity let alone wifi. We are all human. We all need time away from Snapchat stories, Instagram comments etc., especially as bloggers.

7. The more you post on Instagram, the more followers you'll get.

I know, it's easier said than done but it does work. The ultimate proof is Chiara Ferragni.

8.  Casey Neistat will always work as motivation.

For days when you've got a million different things to do and it's imperative that they're done by a certain time but all you really find yourself doing is watching Netflix and eating, watch Casey Neistat. I've spoken about him before therefore I won't go into further detail but literally, all you have to do to get yourself out of a slump is to watch this, this & this.

9. Facebook groups are a great way to find bloggers to collaborate with.

Join as many Facebook groups that center around your niche as you can, you'll be flooded with opportunities.

10. Maintain your strive.

Blogging isn't easy, it is a full-time job. But if you enjoy it as much as I do, you'll love the late nights and sore eyes.

Once again, thank you for sticking around. Here's to a year of fun, happiness and productivity!

Have an extraordinary year.

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