Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How to look awake ( even if you're not )

Dark circles, constant plans and waking up earlier and sleeping later than my entire house every single night is literally what my dreams are made of. Ive talked of this before and you know how much I love and crave the feeling of constantly moving, doing something and continuously creating content, whatever the content may be. However this does more often than not result in puffy eyes, dark circles, me squinting at everything, shutting every source of light because i’ve convinced myself I'm a vampire and just overall discolouration. The problem here occurs when I have to take Wanderlustric Instagram photos, go to school, meet people and do all the things that humans are expected to. So here are my best tips on how to look awake even if you’re as zombie as it gets. (Also I'm in no way promoting not sleeping or trying to glamourise it I'm just saying that this is slowly becoming my life because now I'm constantly doing what i love to do and that makes me very happy.)

How to look awake


If you think you need to, if you like to, just do it. Makeup is here to empower you, for you to play with and just chill with it. I feel like theres this entire stigma over people who like to wear makeup ( especially those who wear lots of it ) about how they're insecure, they're lying to the world etc etc but honestly i think that thats bullshit! Makeup is to be done for the person thats doing it if they would like to.


You may disagree, but i personally think that skincare is for everyone! Why wouldn't you want to be nice to your skin? Maybe earlier, to do it properly would be intense and rigorous but with the makeup and skincare technology today you get all the benefits in a single face wash or even moisturiser. I am a bit of a snob and like to use several products but even if you don't, it works!

Coffee ( or caffeine in general )

I know the post is how to ‘look’ awake but according to me there are several factors which make up how you ‘look’, your behaviour being one of them. Coffee for me just gives me that kick of craziness that i need and three cups of tea give me the calm i need to counteract the craziness and in the end I'm left feeling semi-awake


Instead of exhausting me this often just gives me the adrenaline burst I need. I wouldn't do any major muscle training like pilates, ballet etc but rather something that gives an adrenaline kick like boxing.


 Obviously this is for humour but if the situation arises and there are no available options this is the easiest and probably the most effective.

I hope you liked this post and I hope that I helped! Once again, I'm not trying to glamourise something that most definitely not glamorous I'm just trying to help out a fellow wanderer. Ive also been posting a ridiculous amount on my instagram - @wanderlustricc so follow me there!

Have a great day!


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