Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Girl's Guide to a Self Pick-Me-Up

Everyone has those days, weeks or even months that just feel like the same mediocre, semi melancholic and most of all, boring state. This is just a little pick me up list to get you out of this rut and out into the amazing, uplifting and exciting future. I'm so sure that at least one of these will help you out, if none at all, and I would personally do some alone but the others with close friends and of course, family.

Just spa it out.

Get a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, hair cut or even a blowout, I know this sounds so typically cliched but it just works. Even if you're not into dressing up your hair or nails just the act of the massage manicure or even a really fancy hair wash will help. I would personally just turn my phone off and carry a best friend along with me and spend hours just pampering myself.

Treat yourself to some new shoes.

Shoes. They're just so beautiful, what to do?! I swear those 7-inch heels that I will wear once for 5 minutes and die in are a necessity in my closet!

Buy some expensive coffee & cake

Don't settle for the cheap and chain cafes. Go for the indie/alternative one off the corner of the street whose food is too good and prices are too high. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Insanely Workout

Working out is just the active, intense and mind-numbing thing you need right now. Don't do your usual circuit but instead try 60 minutes of Ballet Beautiful but make sure you do the total body sculpt as well or even more km, not the treadmill or bike than you would usually do. I also find that boxing or some high cardio just gets all the anger and frustration out of your body and leaves you feeling satisfied and stress-free.

Turn Your Phone off

We are all incredibly dependant on our phones and that's not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it's amazing! However, when you're constantly refreshing your feed for notifications and finding yourself using data 99% of the time you're out, maybe there's a problem? Try turning it off and genuinely living and loving moments.

Watch a horror movie/rom-com with your family and friends

Horror movies are the ultimate go-to pick me up for me. Screaming and laughing about it with friends and stuffing our faces with food and proceeding to choke on it because a scary scene popped up is one of my favourite things. If you're not into horror, midnight rom-com's produce mostly the same reaction, immense fear and cringe-y comedy.

Declutter your room

Blast a playlist and just get at it. I know procrastination prevails most of the time but let's at least try and by now we've realised that it actually does feel good to not live in a mountain of clothes and coffee cups.

Channel all your energy towards a particular goal

A strong emotion is the perfect kick-starter for whatever your passion, dream or goal is. Channel all of it into achieving that every single second of every day and make yourself incredibly busy with it!

Create a perfect playlist for this time period 
& play it on repeat

A compilation of your favourite songs and some random ones that remind you of what you need to think about are always helpful. I would've said create it on 8tracks but lately, it's gotten so bad so maybe just stick to Spotify.

I hope this helped and I wrote it because a while ago I was in the same place and I actually did all of these tiny things ( and lots of evening walks ) and I'm feeling so much better! I think the most important thing is to just not beat yourself up over being in a rut for no apparent reason, we're all human, it's fine! What matters is that you want to get out of it and I promise that you will. Leave me your suggestions below and maybe I'll add them onto this list to further help someone!

Have an amazing day.

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