Tuesday, 6 September 2016

5 Countries to relocate to after the American Presidential Campaign.

An informal letter following no proper structure to all my American wanderers regarding their current political crisis.


Fellow American wanderers,
This is a post just for you. I know that the political situation in America really isn't ideal at the moment and whomever you think should be president is, they're both pretty bad. So here are six beautiful, semi-close and most of all, peaceful, countries that you can shift to. 

1. Greenland.

Okay so forget that I mentioned semi-close but let's just look at Greenland for a second. It's stunning, natural, clean and pollution free! The best thing about Greenland is that there are like 15 people in all of Greenland, ( actually approximately 56,483  people ) and maybe a 
break from people is what you need! For if nothing actually happens, then nothing can go wrong, also I would like to quickly mention that Greenalnd isn't all sunshine and rainbows ( or rather glaciers and storms ) because climate change is hitting Greenland hard, and ice loss isn't easy to cope with.

2. Iceland.

If Greenland is too cold for you, maybe move a little bit further east to lovely Iceland. Now it's not as remote as Greenland but it's remote enough that a letter with no address could reach it's receiver. 
Iceland's dotted with blue lagoons, northern lights and epic scenery. However the constant fear of volcanos erupting and loss of vegetation by wind erosion is real and therefore maybe Iceland isn't for you.

3. Ireland.

Ahhh Ireland, with it's lush greenery, medieval castles and of course, Guinness beer. There are so many reasons that people could want to move to Ireland but the biggest is that guns are illegal unless you own a farm and irish men, obviously. However Ireland may not be as glamourous as you think as the cost of living is quite high and the weather isn't ideal. 

4. Japan.

Moving farther east and slightly warmer, we have Japan. Japan is one of the most technologically advanced nations and has some of the worlds best cuisine. Pair that with incredible landscapes, lovely people and years and years of art,culture and history and we might have a winner. However as incredible as Japan is, to live there will mean you have to work there and Japanese people are known for their brutal work ethic and for some people it's too harsh. 

5. Canada.

Canada is the closest and seemingly best option to move to, being an American. You all already know the benefits of living in Canada such as a highly diverse population and strong legal systems. However Canada still has a lot of issues and it's not ready for a huge bunch of Americans to resettle and give up on their own country. After all the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, himself said in a Vox interview that there is still a lot of social and cultural issues that need to be resolved and Canada isn't anywhere near perfect, yet.

To be honest I think that moving from your country will not solve your countries problems. What if we worked together in trying to better current political situations all over the world instead of trying to dust our hands off the problems. If you are an American, moving from your country doesn't make your country better, and for citizens as patriotic as you are, you need to face your problems and restore your country. 


( This was just a lighthearted post and it wasn't meant to offend anybody. Pictures via Unsplash)

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