Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Step by Step Guide To Working Harder.

Okay so this post is half inspired by Casey Neistat's work ethic and the other half by my insane,unquenchable, downright stubborn and optimistic outlook on success and things I want to (a.k.a. plan on) achieve(ing).

Now I have to warn you that this post is not for the lighthearted. It's for the kind of people who are as crazy as I am, who want every waking second to be as busy, beautiful and eccentric as it possibly could be. If you're looking for a quick pick me up or a post as basic as WikiHow picture tutorials, this isn't it. This is for the person that's willing to sleep at 1 every single night and wake up at 5 every single day for months at a stretch, the kind of person who's alright with caffeine being as good as water, the kind of person who dreams more when they're awake for they can't waste a second of precious sleep. This sort of determination and downright stupidity only stems from one thing, passion. If you've found it, join the club and let's perform until we absolutely can't. 

1. Binge watch Casey Neistat & appreciate Chiara Ferragni's work ethic.

These two people are two of three of my biggest inspirations, the first being my father and all for good reason. These people have literally worked to their knees and done it with a smile on their face until they've achieved what they wanted. Once achieved, there's no logical reason to stop because that is the time where you must soak it all in. To begin your journey into madness, draw some inpiration to keep you fueled. Here are some of my favourite Casey videos 

As for Chiara, just spend 5 minutes on her instagram.

2. Set up 2 month goals for yourself.

Whatever you plan on doing, chances are that it'll least take two months for a large set of goals to fall into place, get finished etc. Keep a journal in which you write down your monthly goals, preferably 5 months in advance just so that you can leave room for error as well as unexpected success. As for the current month's goals, I would say get a whiteboard and write them down in big bold letters so you can see them every single day.

3. Understand that priorities are everything.

Ultimately it's your choice whether you want to spend even 5 minutes watching KUWTK or answering emails, it's your choice whether to clean your room or spend a lovely morning with your family, whether to finish that book or to go for a run. I'm not saying that one of these is better than the other, in fact I think that they're all mildly necessary and decisions won't be this easy. Sometimes you will have to compromise, but it's your choice to choose what you want to compromise on, and the beauty is that there is no right or wrong answer! 

4. Create your space. 

Everyone needs that little space which they've created and moulded to almost perfection. It could be the corner of your room where all your posters meet, the desk which is never fully clean and you've never seen the bottom of, a studio space, your garden that you've made into a zen den etc. It's important to have this space and leave it for major work, creative thinking, planning, ideas and everything that requires your focus. 

5. Understand that it's a process.

I've never met anyone who's actually finished their journey or has reached their idea of success. I think that's because success is ever-changing and we'll always want to push ourselves further and stretch ourselves thinner. Understanding that it's a process means that you need to realise that there will be ups and downs, there will be days when you'll question whether it was worth it or not but the point is that if you want it enough, anything is possible. You can literally do anything you want in this world and that's scary and exhilarating which is why people try to dull it down, but the truth is that you can't.

A mix of perseverance and passion is a deadly one and leads only to the brightest colours, and personally, I plan on becoming best friends with these colours.

I hope this inspired you and please do let me know how you plan on working and whether you thought that this helped. 

Have the most productive day ever,

Mahika x

✈    ✈    ✈    ✈

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