Saturday, 2 July 2016

July Goals

Okay so I know that I haven't done this for two months but I just didn't know if you all liked it! But now after a couple of comments of encouragement on the last 'April Goals' I did, I finally think I should start this month. 

So it's currently June 24th and the past two months have gone by faster than a season of Homeland. So if I could update you, I would, but so much and so little has happened at the same time that I don't really know how I could.

Go the Quiet Place Project more often.

I don't know if you've heard of the Quiet Place Project but it's this little space on the internet that I can't survive without. I first discovered it in 2012 and for the past 4 years I've been going to it monthly, but I still feel like I need it more. 
My favourites are the 90 second relaxation room and the thoughts room but I love the comfort spot as well. I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to explain what the Quiet Place is but it's exactly what it  sounds like and you have to go it, it'll make you feel 100000 times better.

Revise my French.

So I was learning French till a year ago until I dropped it to pursue Hindi instead. But I just feel like I should revise it or else I'll forget it completely and that's not something that I would ever want. So I think at least twice a week, I'll pick up my old textbooks and use online exercises to brush up on it and not lose the language completely.

Organize school work + blogging better.

So schools starting in a week and I have my exams in two months and I also have a couple of tests a week at school, apart from extra classes and the homework that I get daily. Not to mention running a full time blog and maintaining all of it's social media. I'm not complaining, trust me I'm not, I'm so lucky to have built this for myself and to have all you to share everything with! But I do feel like I can do all of the above and so much more if I could just plan my day better and utilize my time better than I am right now. So in the form of post it notes and calendars, let's do this!

Finish ' My Invented Country ' & start reading a 
new book.

I love reading and I've mentioned my love for it and the above book in this recent post of mine. 
However I feel like I don't read enough when I'm at home and on a daily basis which sucks because it's something I enjoy so much! I think I can sneak in some reading time when I'm in the bus, before bed, once I wake up etc. So not only do I want to finish My Invented country: A Memoir but I also really want to start a new book this month and if you want, I'll let you know how it is! Please do leave your recommendations for me as well :)

So that's it for the month of July but I'm so excited for all of it! That's another thing that I love about these monthly goals, they make you excited and productive for the upcoming month. Please do let me know your goals if you have any, as well as your thoughts on mine! I love hearing from all of you so much so please do leave me a comment because I know that there are some of you who visit this blog often but don't comment and that makes me really sad. So go comment!

And have the loveliest day ever!



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