Friday, 15 July 2016

10 Things you have to do in Italy.

As you all know, for the past couple of months I've been learning Italian as part of my April Goals ( which by the way were amazing!) and all of that alongside binge watching CutiePieMarzia and Chiara Ferragni has made my wanderlust for Italy multiply into like a million, hence this post.

Also I was thinking of starting this off as a new segment so maybe you could give me a city and I could make a bucket list for it, but the bucket list will obviously be very different from the touristy, mainstream ones you see on the internet. This one will have a Wanderlustric touch to it.

1. Get obnoxiously drunk on wine.

Italy & Wine, it just makes sense!

This one is just a must-do for me just because my mother has told me so many stories of how she and my father went to Italy and all they did was pretty much eat in cute cafes and drink table wine whilst conversing with locals and how it was the best part of their trip. Also make sure you order table wine when you go which is that particular restaurant/cafe's wine because it's always the best.

2. Meet new people.

As you all probably already know one of my favourite things about travelling is meeting new people, so this one just had to be included. You can meet new people through so many different ways, whether it's at your hotel, a cafe, blogger meet ups, strangers on a train, volunteer work, a person you bump into etc.

3. Eat a regrettable amount of gelato.

What else are you supposed to eat? I mean you're in Italy for crying out loud! 

4. Also eat a regrettable amount of pizza.

Okay pizza & gelato, that's it!

5. Try and find the best cappuccino.

Because you guys want me to! Okay that's a lie I just want to drink as much coffee as I possibly can.

6. Explore as many small towns as you can.

Italy is littered with the cutest, quintessential,undiscovered small towns and you should explore all of them. some of them are -  Ravenna,Urbino, Castelsardo. But to be honest the best ones are the ones that you won't find on the internet, you'll find with your feet.

7. Indulge in cannolis

I know I've mentioned fatty foods way too many times in this one article but I swear all of them are must-eats! A cannoli is deep fried dough filled with the yummiest sweetened ricotta cheese and dusted with sugar and topped with chocolate or fruit. To say the least, it's to die for.

8. Cycle along the Amalfi Coast.

See, I'm balancing out all the junk food with exercise! The Amalfi Coast is one of the most stunning places in Italy and cycling along it is a  must. There are plenty of  bicycle renting shops all along the coast so you'll be able to easily find a cycle.

9. Walk everywhere.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, there's no better way to explore a city than to walk through it. Getting lost, meeting new people,having strange encounters, experiencing the daily life of people and just really grasping the vibe of the city can in my opinion, only be done on foot.

10. Try and converse in Italian...& fail miserably.

So if you don't know yet, I've been learning Italian online as part of my April goals and I think it's going well but the only way to truly find out is to speak to an Italian, right? Well I think you should try it too. 

Well that's my short, immediate bucket list for Italy! There's obviously so much more that I want to include and so many other cities that I want to add into this segment of my blog but all in due time.  Let me know if you liked this kind of a post and if you want more such bucket lists and what cities you would like to see! 

Have the best day ever!



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  2. this is so gorgeous !!! i so want to go to italy now !!!


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