Friday, 8 July 2016

How to dress like a Londoner.



If you know this blog or me by now at all you would know that being a local in a place where I am so obviously a tourist, is one of my favourite things. Slowly, through your comments and feedback, i know that you like it as well! 
So here's a post on how to dress like a Londoner & not look like a ridiculous,"Oh, there's the Big Ben!" kind of tourist.

Obviously London has so many different street styles but this is the one that I think describes the city best and the one that I relate to the most. I call it ' The Classical Casually Cool Coffee Shop '. Please don't embarrass me by asking why it's called that, it's just what I picture when I think of me in London!

1. Simple Top & Classic Bottoms.

Go for the comfiest, casual-est top and pair of jeans you could find, here, all the layers and accessories do the talk. The most worn pair of  jeans you could find would be preferable and please make sure it's flattering and fits your body shape to a T. 

2. Layers Galore!


Ahhh, one of the many reasons I love London, layers!
The most classic and flattering leather jacket would obviously be ideal to compliment your leather ankle boots. But please be creative with this and wear suede, fringe ( don't overdo it like you're at Coachella ), coats, bomber jackets etc. whatever you want!

3. Ankle Boots.

Ankle boots are such a must when visiting London and once you're there, wearing them, you'll understand why. Obviously opt for the comfiest pair you own but personally I like ones with a little bit of heel. I'm not going to lie, I also really like the heeled ones simply because of the 'clacking' sound they make on London's cobblestone alleyways!


4. Accessories.

A backpack is an ideal when travelling but try to keep it as chic as possible as to avoid looking like an obvious tourist.  Personally, I don't wear much jewellery when I travel as I find it can get a bit of a hassle but I can't resist a minimalist necklace or bracelet. Sunglasses should always be in your bag regardless of whether the forecast says rainy because even if a little bit of sun comes out, you'll want them! 

5. Umbrella

You can't go to London without an umbrella in your backpack, you just can't! Think of it as another fashion element to your outfit and be creative and fun with it!


I hope you liked this and this is my personal style and I am in no way saying this is what you should wear, I'm just stating that this is what I think 'Londoners' are like and obviously what appeals to me as well! Let me know if you want more such posts because I've already started working on 'How to dress like a Parisian & New Yorker'!



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  1. You should do more such articles! You are great in it!!!��

  2. Love the way you've communicated everything on this article. Your writing style is great! Waiting for new york and Paris!


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