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For A While Cottages : Review

Picture towering mountains on all sides of you, a gushing river not too far from where you're standing, apple trees and wildflowers and a cozy private pine wood cottage. Sounds like perfection doesn't it? Well that's exactly what For A While Cottages promised me and then provided me.

Every little detail is perfectly matched to their aesthetic of a creative, quiet, remote and stunning place to wind down or just get away. 

Checking In

I arrived early at 6 in the morning after exiting the Himachal Tourism overnight bus and reached the property far earlier than we had planned. But the moment we entered we were swarmed with delicious tea ( it's all on my Instagram ) and  early morning sunshine basking through all the glass walls of the sitting area.

After several rounds of tea we were welcomed with a delicious spread of breakfast including fresh fruit, frittatas, cereals, toast, locally prepared jam ( which was excellent ), fresh juices, coffee, tea pretty much everything, and if you wanted you could have told them the night before or in the morning for a special request breakfast of your choice.

We decided to stay at the Red Cottage which was genuinely luxury defined and I highly recommend you stay at it as well.


Because the place is so remote and untouched there isn't 'much to do' but that's what makes your stay so beautiful. There isn't any wi-fi or mobile connection (the property has special phones which work ) which is both a challenge as well as immensely relaxing. If you've been following this blog for a while you would know that I often talk about 'switching off' or just leaving the digital world for sometime especially if you're on it a lot. Well this is the
perfect place to do that, which is yet another reason why I adore it so much.

My favourite activities to do here were just walking down to the river which is a short 5 minute hike/walk from the property and is so worth going down to because it is absolutely stunning and you get the best view of the valley from there. It's also great to just chill nearby or just completely lie down on a rock like I did talking to friends and family for hours, reading a book and just soaking all of it in.

Hikes are also another huge recommendation from me because the hikes are so much fun and you can find lots if you just ask the staff.

Other things you could do are fishing, there are freshwater pools near by that are amazing to swim in,picnics, trekking, rock climbing, visit the Great Himalayan National Park, countless waterfalls, spotting animals (leopards, birds, monkeys ect.) ,camping and just chilling

The Cottage

The Red Cottage honestly and genuinely blew me away,I had heard great things about this place but because it's so far away from everything you don't expect this kind of luxury. Everything from the towel holders to the desk to the bed are all made of materials easily sourced, mainly pinewood so they all add a warm and cozy glow to the cottage that makes it all the more inviting.

The Cottage has 3 floors, the first which includes :-
the sitting area
stocked pantry

the second floor which includes:-

a double bed
bathroom fitted with all modern amenities
clothes rack/closet
and incredible view due to three of the walls being almost completely glass.

and finally the loft which just includes a double bed and a view.


I felt like I have to add a separate sub category for food just because it. was. mind. blowing.
The chefs at For a While are insanely good and create the most delicious varied dishes from Khow Suey, salads, Indian food, quesidillas, pasta, you name it, they can make it. As a result, for 60% of my stay all I was doing was eating and it was worth it times a million.

For A While also serves all meals as well as several snacks and drinks throughout the day and as per request.

Little Touches

What I loved the most out of everything was just the little touches, the fact that your cottage is surrounded by apple trees with fruit just waiting to be plucked, the colour coded books in your room, the little outdoor bench outside your cottage, and the bag that they give you when you check in which includes a flashlight, binoculars, magnifying glass, extra bag and an umbrella etc.

My Experience 

I'm pretty sure you can tell by now that my experience was more than enjoyable and I would go back in a heartbeat if I had the chance. If you're looking for  place to just disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with people/yourself/nature there is no place better to go.

For bookings please contact For A While

Have the most wanderlustric day ever!



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Wanderlustric was invited here as a guest however all my opinions are as always, my own.


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