Wednesday, 29 June 2016

7 Essential Things to do in NYC

New York City, what comes to your mind?
skyline sunsets, city streets, night life,adventure?

Well whatever all your plans were, there never seems to be enough time for it in NYC,  so according to me these are the things that are are must do's regardless of how long you're there. Oh and don't worry there's a wide variety from pizza to Gossip Girl.

Eat $1 Pizza
(on a Friday preferably ) 

Any Casey Neistat fans at all? If so, please comment so that we can both freak out over how we're going to have $1 pizza on a Friday and then go for a run for like the next week.

Go on a mission to find the best skyline point
 ( Top of the Rock does not count )

Okay, i'm just going to say it ........ I'm sick of seeing the view from Top of the Rock in pictures ( please don't kill me ). I just think that there are so many skyscrapers in New York how can Top of the Rock be the best view, I mean theres got to be something better. 

Grab your best friend & explore

If you're going to explore New York, you might as well do it the best way a.k.a. with your best friends. If your best friend is unavailable dare yourself to make friends with a stranger and explore with them because i'm sure that if they're alone and if they're a tourist they would be more than happy to!

Find your favourite neighbourhood

UES? Chelsea? Harlem? Wall Street? Chinatown?  what is it?

Stay awake for 24 hours

Because every single hour will be too beautiful to miss. Also because we're young and you can only love a city if you've seen it through everything.

Have coffee & read a book at Birch

If you don't know what Birch is, it's the quirkiest coffee shop ever with a free library and little cardholders that are supposed to act as conversation starters. They believe in a time before when we would go to a coffee shop just for the pleasure of reading a book, having a chat with someone or just simply drinking your coffee all without the hassle and clutter of smartphones and laptops. 

Freak out over Gossip Girl Locations.

Imagine if you're walking through UES and you just see Blake Lively, like she's just there. 
Also, Upper East Side, I know your streets even though I haven't been there.

Well now I have an unquenchable thirst fro New York and I hope you do too, if you do, let's explore it together! I hope this helped and if you do do anything of these things please do let me know!



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