Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why Bad Days Are Necessary.

What I feel like right now ^^

Imagine a life where there were no bad days at all. A life where every single day of your life was as happy as it could be. Am I the only one who thinks that that sounds terrible? Everyday being monotonously boring, a day where you didn't have any bad to remember the good. 

What's the point of a life like that? 

You would never grow,improve,inspire,create and move without pain. I had a shit day yesterday which is why i'm going to make sure that tomorrow is spectacular. But if I had the greatest day possible, there is no hope for tomorrow. Do you get what I'm saying?

Sure, bad days may just seem pointless and well,just bad. But in  retrospect every bad day has a significant role to play in your future. Bad days are the perfect time to learn from your mistakes, even if you keep on making them. 

So, are they still that bad?


Is there any way to make them less sucky?

To be honest, I have no idea and all I truly have are a few years of experience and a little too much hope,But that doesn't mean that I didn't pick up a few tips along the way.

Just frickin' smile

Did you know that science has actually proven that if you just smile regardless of what you're feeling and whether or not it is a forced smile, your brain will automatically start releasing endorphins (also know as the happy hormone) simply because the brain has been  hardwired to do so. That's like the biggest life hack ever, you're welcome.

Know that this is significant 

Remember how I said that every day is significant? Yeah well it's good to just remind yourself that from time to time. I promise you that in retrospect you will learn from some mistake and it will only benefit you. 

Be alone for a while....or....Get out!

Sometimes after a long, sad day you just need to relax with a good book and a bubble bath. Or after a long,sad day you need to just call up your best friends and have a night out or a tragically chocolate-y sleepover.

I would love,love, love to hear your tips and tricks for making bad days less sucky and I hope you liked this post! The reason I wrote this post is just because I know how shitty life can seem after a series of horribly strung bad days and I know that if I had read this when I was going through a tough time it would have helped. And to be honest that's all I want to do, help you.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or you have a question you can leave us a comment below. For any business inquiries you can email me at

Have the greatest bad day ever!



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