Saturday, 14 May 2016

5 Vegan Cafes you must go to in London.

As some of you may know, I recently went to London.To say I had the time of my life is a massive understatement, I can now fully say that I am completely, absolutely and utterly in love with London. I'm not going to lie and say that this post is for locals, it is totally for tourists ( especially the last one on the list!) 

5. Food For  Thought.

Apart from the fact that the name is the cutest thing ever and resonates with veganism perfectly, this places serves mind blowing food. Food For Thought is a vegetarian & vegan cafe serving mouth watering delicacies like fruit desserts, sunflower seed bread, mushroom strogonoff & soups

Location : Neal Street, Covent Garden.

4. Itadaki Zen 

A. Japanese. Entirely. Vegan. Restaurant. What.
I love Japanese food and Itadaki Zen is able to provide that same Japanese flavour and authenticity but keep it organic, sustainable & vegan. Some of their dishes include Tempura burgers, sushi platters, harumaki, sesame pudding and of course, sake!

Location : Kings Cross Road. 

3. Rasa. 

South Indian, impeccable, vegan food. What more could one ask for? I obviously love Indian food and to be honest, finding vegan and vegetarian Indian food is probably the easiest task ever just because of the varied religions inside India ( so many of them shun eating meats of a certain sort. ). they serve Kerala's finest food and all your food is served on a massive banana leaf, as is tradition, alongside several pickles & chutneys.

Location : Dering Street 

2.  Ms Cupcake.

After having one of these cupcakes I could actually die in peace. I honestly have no words for this place apart from, they serve peanut butter,chocolate, oreo ,pink lemonade, rose, rocky road, strawberry & cream, salted caramel ect. cakes & cupcakes.

Location : Coldharbour Lane,Brixton

She also has a cookbook, you can get it here.

1. Pret A Manger

Okay so you're obviously a tourist if you don't know what Pret is. Although they're not entirely vegan and usually only have a few options which are, I felt it necessary to include it just because it's everywhere. You can't possibly walk around anywhere in London for two minutes without spotting Pret. So although it may not have the best vegan food, you don't have to go to a particular place to find it and it's so easily accessible.

Location : Anywhere in London.

Well these are my five favourite, at leats for now! Let me know your go to vegan spots anywhere in the world in the comments and maybe i'll do a blog post on another city if you want!



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