Thursday, 14 April 2016

How To Look Fresh After A Flight.

I'm almost certain that no one can step off of a flight looking fresh,awake and gorgeous, except for Chiara Ferragni (the ultimate goal of this post)of course.
But after a whole bunch of research, Brooke Saward's in-flight tips and of course, practice, I've come up with 7 tips to make sure that you look good to go right after you step off a flight.

7.  Cucumber Wet Wipes.

These will literally save your life. But to master the art of the cucumber wet wipe secret you have to crack the timing of it. Using it just before you get off the plane will make you look alright but nowhere near Chiara Ferragni. The secret is to use it constantly throughout the flight, around every 1-2 hours depending on how long your flight is. For overnight flights or ones in which you will sleep I recommend using a wet wipe facemask (you get them I swear.).

6.  A Light Lotion.

Flights can dry out your skin regardless of it's type, especially with the constant wet wiping. So to combat dryness I recommend using a runny watered down lotion to just apply on your face maybe 1-2 times during your flight. If you have oily skin please don't be afraid to use lotion just use a really light,watered down version.

In Flight Essentials

5.  Your Miracle  Lip-Balm.

Everyone has their miracle one. Use it.

4.  Under-Eye Patches.

Okay so I know that this does make you look kind of stupid and a tad bit pretentious but honestly rock it with confidence and nobody will care, and if they do, you shouldn't! But these work so well especially if you get really puffy eyes when your in flight. For dark circles I wouldn't recommend these as they haven't done that much for me in that aspect, personally.

3.  Wear Black. + A Scarf.

Black is and always will be best. whether it's a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, a black top or even an extremely well fitting black coat. I feel like I don't even have to talk about the importance of scarves anymore just because I've stressed on the topic so much in the past, so if you're new check out any of my airport style/fashion posts and you'll find it! 

2.  Make Sure To Stretch In Flight.

More often than not we feel sluggish and just exhausted after a flight because the blood in our veins hasn't been circulating properly.So to avoid that make sure you do some light stretches or just movement in general while you're flying.

1.  Sleep + Coffee/Tea.

I feel so bad recommending this but I can't help it just because it's my number one tip! Make sure to sleep during your flight (even a power nap will do) and make sure you get some sort of caffeine in your system so that your not ready to just pass out after your flight.But please understand that having too much caffeine, coffee in particular, is extremely bad for you.

Well those are my favourite tips but please  leave yours in the comments below so that I can add them or so that you can just help someone!  I know that Wanderlustric has been a bit absent recently in all aspects but I promise i'm getting back into it, it was just because school has just started and and I'm being flooded with homework and tests!



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