Thursday, 14 April 2016

5 Travel apps we all need.

I recently posted an article on 10 Travel websites everyone needs and because I got such a great response from it, I decided to do a part two, except this time I'm going to use apps.A phone is something that people now days have with them everywhere they go,from the bathroom to well, anywhere. Because of the fact that wi-fi is everywhere nand that laptops can get a bit annoying to handle, almost all websites have an  app. Some apps are even better than their websites and some apps are so good that they cannot even be  converted to websites. So if you're planning a trip anytime soon or you're the over prepared one i.e. me, you might want to bookmark this page for future reference.

You can't even imagine how incredibly hard it was for me to choose just 5 because I really wanted to keep this post extremely crisp and straight to the point because I have a tendency to blabber....Like i'm doing now! So if you would like to  see more of my favourite apps or websites, you can just leave us a comment and consider it done!

5. Google Translate.

Okay, I know that a lot of people are going to hate me for including this  one because of the frequent errors that are found,but, has anyone seen the new feature! I'ts basically this microphone button and you can record what a local  is saying and it will translate it for you! Genius! And besides,the google translate errors are only found when you're trying to convert an English essay to French because your submission date is in exactly 4 hours. But when it comes to simple, easy language and common terms, Google translate beats them all.

4. Google Maps.

Okay, this post seems to be a bit Google heavy,but i promise you that I wasn't paid or even contacted by google.Google maps is probably one of the greatest inventions ever, it has never ever failed me or anyone that i know and has always given me spot on directions.Plus the fact that there is an Earth setting is just out of this world. Hahaha, get it?

3. PackingPro

PackingPro is like your mother when she isn't there. It just asks for  the length of your stay and your destination and voila! You know exactly what to pack, how much to pack of and the type of clothing according to the temperature of the place when you're going to be there. So it basically does all the hard work for you.

2. SkyScanner

I'm pretty sure you've heard of SkyScanner because it's got the whole world hooked. You can compare prices, book flights directly,and get cheaper airfares. It can also compare rental cars and hotels,what more could one need?

1. Instagram.

Okay, so I know that this wasn't what you were expecting at all but I love simply for one reason.
The connection you can create on Instagram is truly unique and incredible! It's the perfect app to reach out to bloggers in different cities that you are going to be travelling to, hold meet ups, ask for recommendations meet fellow Instagrammers ect.! Connection for me has always been one of the reasons ( probably my utmost reason) that I travel, and Instagram seriously helps connect people.

If you liked this post let me know in the comments and be sure to leave me your favourite apps as well so that in a couple of moths I could make an updated version of this!


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