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Top 10 motivational songs to wake up to.

All though you all already know that I absolutely love mornings, pulling yourself out of bed sometimes can be tough. Whether it's because you're uninterested for your day or because beds are just way too warm, getting out of bed can be a task, even for the most optimistic souls. So to try and make your mornings a tad bit easier, we teamed up to make a playlist that we hope will motivate you to make your day the best it can be! Also I hope that you guys aren'y getting too annoyed with playlist posts, if you are then just leave us a comment and we will significantly reduce them and if you like them then we will continue writing them! Because I love writing playlist posts but i don't know if you like reading them and your opinion means the world.

10. Ends Of The Earth - Lord Huron

"I was a-ready to die for you, baby

Doesn't mean I'm ready to stay

What good is livin' a life you've been given

If all you do is stand in one place"

9. Old Pine - Ben Howard

"Hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags,

I've come to know the friends around you

Are all you'll always have

Smoke in my lungs, or the echoed stone

Careless and young, free as the birds that fly

With weightless souls now."

8.  Featherstone - The Paper Kites

"She went out to the hay in the morning grace

She went out and got lost in a tall hedge maze

Where'd you go? Where'd you go? Why'd you leave this 


7. Mess Is Mine - Vance Joy

"Talking like we used to do

It was always me and you

Shaping up and shipping out

Check me in and check me out"

6. The Age Of Worry -John Mayer

"Don't be scared to walk alone

Don't be scared to like it"

5. I Want To Break Free- Queen

"I want to break free from your lies

You're so self satisfied, I don't need you

I've got to break free"

4. Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris

"I can tell you a story

That happened a long time ago

Little pitty pretty one

I've been watching you grow"

3.  Any song by Alt J

"Dead in the middle of the C-O-double-M-O-N"

2. Peaches - In the Valley

"Working on a feeling

Breaking down the ceiling

Digging up a deep end

Freezing on the beaches

Reaching for the sweetest, sweetest peaches"

1. Stay Alive - Jose Gonzalez

"Dawn is coming

Open your eyes"

Did you like them? Just trust me and play all of these songs when you wake up, you'll be in the best mood ever! I guess you could also call this another Wanderlust playlist because pretty much all the songs that I like are indie chill & alternative rock. So if you haven't seen the blog posts I've written on '10 Songs To Inspire Your Wanderlust'


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