Saturday, 2 January 2016

Stop planning,Get lost.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always sort of believed that I had to have a to do list and days must be spent and trips must be planned. Which quite frankly, is really strange considering that my family isn't like that at all, which made me start to really wonder, why did I have this need to plan? And furthermore, why did I feel so gut wrenchingly horrible about my self when my physically impossible to do lists were left half empty at the end of the day? And lastly what would happen if I stopped planning?

So, what did happen when I stopped planning?
What happened when I stopped planning my life,trips,days and even mindset, is a very simple thing. 

I got lost

I got so crazy, madly,deeply and uncontrollably lost.

And I enjoyed and craved every single second of it.

I lost my mind, google maps stopped working and I suddenly had no idea what I wanted. All I really sort of knew was how I was feeling at that very single second, and that feeling comes so rarely and to so few people that I fell crazily in love with it. 

I love being lost, I love losing myself!

In fact I crave it.

So the real reason that I'm urging you to stop planning is because it leaves no room for being lost! There's suddenly no room for adventure,mishaps and insanity, regardless of wether that was your intention or not. Stop planning and let life just flow, it's the only thing it's good at!

When you stop planning, you start observing,learning,understanding,appreciating and living. The more you look around the more you will realise that everybody is so caught up in to-do- lists and IPhone reminders that they forget to remember the stuff that you can't put a reminder for. The stuff like spending time with loved ones or falling over in mud and ruining your incredibly expensive outfit. You forget to appreciate life for life.

Trust me on this, you won't regret it.

After all I am your guinea pig, and I can promise you that this experiment will leave you feeling dazed, confused and so so so incredibly free.

Have a 'lost-ful' day!
( I mean that in the best way! )

Mahika x


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