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How to stay fit whilst travelling.

Staying fit whilst travelling can be a bit of a challenge with all of the complimentary chocolates, pizza for breakfast and of course all of the coca cola.  To me, the important thing is just balance! Suppose I ate a really unhealthy dinner + dessert last night, i'll counteract it in the morning by walking wherever I have to go and a massive fruit bowl or salad for breakfast. So these are my personal tips for staying fit whilst travelling, I also have another post related to this that you can view here.

Walk everywhere.

This will always be my utmost tip for two reasons, 1) It's cheaper and 2) It's like a workout done everyday! When you travel, exploring the city is always a must, and everyone seems to always take cabs or buses to their destination, why not just walk there? So what if it's 8 kilometers away, you'll find other interesting things along the way as well.

Famous landmarks are notorious for always being a tad bit disappointing, but the cities culture and streets never are, which is another reason why I love walking around so much.

 Anybody who knows me knows that I am always hungry, like there is never a time of day when I'm not hungry. So it's really nice to pack yourself little snacks from your hotel room or the grocery store to munch on whilst you're walking around, this will also save a lot of money because you'll avoid overpriced snack bars on the way!

Use the hotel gym.

Hotel gyms are almost always empty, because who wants to workout whilst on vacation right? But, for frequent travellers like you and I, we're almost always on vacation. So skipping the gym isn't really an option, my biggest tip would be to wake up an hour earlier, workout and then resume your day. Don't wait for the evening because you'll probably just be too exhausted to think of gyming. 

If your hotel doesn't have a gym or your just staying at an air bnb then just do a simple workout in your room or better yet, go to the park! I have a post on a 10 minute travel routine coming up so keep your eye on wanderlustric for that!

Go to the park.

For some reason some people (including me) feel a bit embarrassed about running in the park or even just working out in the park. And honestly, the more you think about it, the more ridiculous the concept of being embarrassed becomes.  Why should we be embarrassed? because we're staying fit?! Anyway, enough of my rant and back to the real point.

Parks are one of my ultimate workout places, and if you're not in the mood for a proper workout or  run, then just do some basic yoga in the sun!

The above mentioned ones are obviously more physical but if for some reason you aren't able to do any of them or you just want to change your diet while travelling a bit more here are some tips on how you can skip all of the fatty foods while travelling.

Pack snacks

There is nothing worse than walking around, exploring, and starving whilst doing it.

For some strange reason all of the food vendors around famous landmarks always seem to hold the unhealthiest of foods. Skip all of the ice-creams and crepes and instead pack snacks like fruits, nuts and little sandwiches to keep you going. The easiest place to get the snacks would be your hotel, you can just order a bunch of healthy snacks and just ask them to pack it, and then you're free to much and chuck the wrappers while visiting all sorts of places!

If you don't want to get your snacks from the hotel, I would recommend just popping into the nearest grocery store and just pick up some of their healthy snacks or fruit. Some of the things that you can pick up are 

> fruits/ fruit cups.

> packed salads.
> sandwiches/wraps/rolls/anything of that sort.
> A mix of dried fruits and nuts/ trail mix.
> Wholegrain biscuits.
> Fruit yogurt.

Obviously there are millions of options under each of the above mentioned tabs, and if you want me to do a blog post on those but in more detail let me know!

Have Fun!

After all, working out should be fun! And believe it or not our bodies are biologically programmed to love working out and in fact we crave it! So if you're feeling a bit sluggish and you feel like working out will make you feel even worse, eat a banana and hit the gym! ( exercising releases dopamine which makes you happy as well.) :)

I hope you liked this post! And I hope it inspired you in anyway, as that will always be Wanderlustric's ultimate goal. Leave me a comment with your tips, tricks and opinions, I really want to know! 

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Hope you have the loveliest day!

Mahika x

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  1. This is by far the most inspiring post ever (for me atleast)!
    Keep it up x

    1. Thank you so so so much! Comments like this make my day! xxx


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