Monday, 14 March 2016

An Unknown Slice Of Paradise.

During one of my recent trips to England, I truly believe that I have come  across an actual moderately unknown slice of absolute bliss. Situated south of London, Bournemouth is an absolutely stunning beach town. Although my first introduction to Bournemouth wasn't too great, the more I got to know it,the better it was.  

Arriving in Bournemouth

I had just gotten off one of Britain's south-west trains and there it was....cloudy,rainy,cold and bland Bournemouth. My first impression was honestly, " Okay, so maybe Google images had it wrong!" My family and I got into a taxi and the driver took us to our hotel, all along the way I was honestly just trying to find the positives. It was the complete opposite of London, because London had me swept away the moment stepped out of the plane. All I really saw were buildings, grass, old age homes, more grass and oh so much grey. So yeah, to sum it up, my arrival in Bournemouth, although pleasant, was nothing special. 

Beginning to Explore

Bournemouth's magic is truly situated amongst the streets. The kind of characters you find are so diverse and just genuinely interesting. From the moment I started to explore Bournemouth, I was totally in love. It's just so quintessential with it's little lamp posts covered head to toe in gorgeous multicolored bouquets of miniature flowers and cobblestone streets. Half an hour later, I was madly in love, yet again. Yes, I guess you could call me a hopeless romantic when it comes to cities and the actual magic that lives eternally inside of them. 

Full on exploration

From this point on, I wasn't dipping my toes into the pools of exploration, I was full on swimming in it. I explored the hills, the seaside,the streets, the corners, the pubs and yes, even their Primark. I honestly recommend doing all of the following- 

1. Spending a day lolling around in Bournemouth's several gardens (The Lower Gardens are so much better than The Upper Gardens)
2. Spending a day by the seaside 
3. A day trip out of Bournemouth ( Let me know if you want a blog post on this!)
4. Climbing  trees.
5. Getting lost.

Why is it paradise?

By now you must have thought "Okay, yeah, this sounds nice,but nothing worthy of being called paradise! " It is,it oh so is paradise. From the old gorgeous trees planted alongside slanted slopes and the glittering ocean that is always just a breath away, it truly is paradise. All I can really say is, go and see it for yourself. Don't let me just tell you how good it is, go out there and realise it yourself! And it's all just a plane ticket away.

I hope you liked this post, I cant even tell you how much I enjoyed writing it, let me know if you want more blog posts like this and if you want a blog post on day trips out of Bournemouth.  I love you all so much and I hope that you enjoyed reading this post! 

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Hope you have the greatest day!

Mahika xx

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