Monday, 7 December 2015

The 4 feelings to experience in London.

After hours and hours of looking at online thesauruses  I have come to a inconclusive but apt conclusion, London cannot be described by words. It's such a whirlwind of people,music and history that it sort of leaves you whiplashed and dazed, to say the least I am totally, completely in love with that city. And when I recall my time over there all that really flows through my head are blurry images and feelings, oh so many feelings. For all the other people who are infatuated with London and for all the people who think they might be, here are the four utmost feelings to experience in London.

4. The whirl of the Underground.

Because of the fact that everybody has somewhere to go and everybody is moving so fast and you're hopping off of one packed tube to another and the fact that there are people singing to raise money for their tuition fee and the ques and crowds, the Underground can be quite an experience. If you're visiting London, definitely invest in an oyster card ( they are such a life saver omg), I also feel like such a local when I tap in and tap out it's so much fun who's with me? 

3. The euphoria of Hyde Park.

If there's anything that London does well it's their parks and Belgian chocolate caramel shortbread( You have to try it, you get it everywhere and it is mind blowing). I visited a whole bunch of parks during my trip like Green Park, St James's Park, Hyde Park and Regent's Park ect. I can't even begin to explain what it feels like to sit on the grass in the sunshine and eat little fruit cups from Pret A Manger. It's just so beautiful! I also really wanted to ride one of those Santander bikes around Hyde park but it started to get too cold, it's okay it's another excuse to return(as if I need one)!

2. The serenity of The Thames.

I know that the word serenity and the word London don't exactly go well together but trust me when I tell you that around 10 pm when you're stuffed full of food and you're just strolling along the Thames looking at all of the lights reflecting off of it, it's as close to peace as you can get. Its truly majestic and magical. The river moves so slowly around that time and it's so bitterly cold outside and you're left feeling so fuzzy warm inside. 

1.  The surrealism of it all.

enough said.

I genuinely hope that you loved this post as much as I loved writing it, I can't even explain to you how good it feels to get some blog posts out after such a long wait! I can safely tell you that I have at least ten blog posts ready to publish so there will be no more waiting! Thank you all so much for your patience, I appreciate it immensely.

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Hope you have the loveliest day!


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