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Skincare Must-Haves for the New year.

The end of the year is almost always a stressful time for your skin, the parties, the cocktails, the staying up till 2am almost every single night and et cetera. To try and counteract all the horrible stuff we all do to our skin I have come up with the absolute skincare essentials that everyone needs this time of year. I hope you like post and for all the lucury products I have mentioned, I have also included cheaper versions!

Night Creams

Okay, I know that everyone always seems to reject eye creams but I think that it is about time we realise that they are literally the best thing on the planet. All eye creams have different uses ( obviously ) but the vast majority are for brightening, reducing puffiness and of course, to battle dark circles. I know everyone avoids them because, "ew who uses eye creams" but lets please stop this okay my dark circles are in need of serious help. I've listed some below, some are expensive but i've included cheaper dupes.


Lip Balm

Because of the recent rage that matte liquid lipsticks and ' Perfect Kylie Jenner Lips' has caused, my lips are almost always on the verge of bleeding, and winter does not help.  From 2016 I will not have chapped lips ( yeah right), at least I can try right! Anyway the point is that neither should you! This year will be the year where you can either splurge on heavy duty lip care or at least you can buy yourself an intense hydration lip balm. Your lips deserve this! I know that lip balm seems like an extremely common and therefore sidelined thing, but it truly is a necessity.


Makeup Remover.

"This year I will not, not even once, wake up with raccoon eyes" I hopelessly repeat to myself in the bathroom mirror as I once again have not removed my mascara and now is look like someone died.  Makeup remover is another must that always seems to be overlooked. Okay I know that all those New Year parties are extremely draining and I know that it is super hard to think of anything other than your pillows and bed after a long hard night of partying but yet again, I stress on the fact that you have to remove your makeup. And if you know that you wont make it till the bathroom one night then simply don't wear really heavy makeup!


Intense Hydration

The stress of parties and obviously, the cold, really does play a massive role on your skin. Skip all the pain, redness and peeling this year by actually heavily moisturizing after you wake up and before you go to bed after you've used your makeup remover. I recommend using a really heavy moisturizer that really does seep deep in to your skin. If you're worried about heavy moisturizers being tacky on your skin then just wait for a few minutes until your skin has completely 100% absorbed the cream, i can promise you that it won't be tacky then!


So, did you like this post? Did you hate it? Do you agree? What would you change? What are your beauty must-haves for the new year? I want to know everything in the comment section below! Oh and as a side note i'm so happy i've finally got the blogging rhythm back, but i've got to warn you, it's going to get a little bit crazy in February as I have my exams and therefore I wont be getting blog posts up as frequently, so sorry in advance! 

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