Friday, 23 October 2015

Weekly Travel Inspiration.

Looking at pictures of unimaginable landscapes is equivalent to drinking a strong cup of coffee in the morning for me for three reasons -

> It keeps me going
> It's a wake up call ( Literally and figuratively)
> It's the push that I need every morning to chase what I want my life to be and what I believe in.

I'm sure  that some of you already know this but Wanderlustric has an  Instagram account! ( We have a slideshow of it above! ) We've had it for a while but recently I've been living and breathing Wanderlustric ( that includes all of our social media you can see them all on our Contact Us page!) Now this is the part where I tie in what I said in the beginning of the post, I've started a new theme on our Instagram account where in every single week I pick a place and only Instagram about that particular place. It's like your almost there. I've been thinking of including  that on our blog as well. So every week, the place which I pick for our Instagram , I'll blog about as well. Sounds good?

The reason why I'm doing this is because I think that all bitten, travel freaks should be able to rely on quick pick me ups, like coffee or in this case images, when they're  not able to travel. I would  absolutely love it if all of  you got involved and followed our Instagram page as well as suggested which place should be the one for the week! Leave all of your suggestions,comments and feedback below so that I can understand what you want better and improve this initiative! What my main objective for it is to be like your daily cup of coffee,which most people certainly need.

I know that this is a really short post but I have some really exciting  London blog  posts on the way ( I'm so excited to share them with you! ) So I can surely say that I will be making up for this post with several long and fun posts in the upcoming weeks! Also, please do think of getting involved in this I absolutely love and cherish connecting with all of you, It makes me feel amazing! I love you all so much even bounce viewers, Wanderlustric means the absolute world to me and this is my utmost happy place and I hope that it can be yours as well.

Mahika x

✈    ✈    ✈    ✈


  1. Such beautiful photos! Can't wait to read your posts about London :) -Sabina

    1. Oh my god Sabina! When I saw this comment and the link the profile lead to I was literally screaming! I can't even believe you're on my blog! I love you and girlvsglobe so so much and I've written a blog post on it (You can find it under the tab Inspiration), I already have a London one up, if you would like to see it! <3 xx- Mahika


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