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5 Things to search for all over the world

The obvious answer to " What should I see in Paris?" is more often than not, a generic answer, like the Eiffel Tower. London? The Big Ben. India? Taj Mahal. And yes, these are all spectacular sights and should definitely be on your bucket list, but they shouldn't be your #1. After all they are all going to be too dirty, crowded and noisy, and at some point in your life,you are going to be disappointed with the 'Must See" attractions. So what should you look for whilst on a trip? What are the true treasures? 

These are 5 things you should look for, according to me. I'm not trying to say that these things/destinations will make your trip more enjoyable,because I really don't want the blame when you miss out on the chance to see the worlds largest rocking chair because you're on a mission to find these 5 things. So yes, you won't sit on vomit encrusted tour buses and you won't revel at the architecture of the Louvre ( just nod and move on ), but I can assure you that you will meet at least one inspiring person and I can assure you that you will carry an  invisible 25 kg suitcase of the greatest memories. So without further ado here are 5 things to search for all over the world.

Vintage Treasures.

Literally anything that has generations of stories behind it. Maybe that broken necklace was actually given by an Indian boy to a Pakistani girl during the partition of the countries and maybe that compass that washed ashore has been lost at sea for a century. The point i'm trying to make is that you can make up all sorts of ridiculously exciting  stories for random findings. You can find vintage treasures literally anywhere. You could stumble upon it or  even find it at a pawn shop. My collection has been accumulated over seeing sunshine reflect of of something impossibly shiny in the ground and dropping everything to go search for it and returning 15 minutes later back to my mom with mud encrusted fingernails and a shiny, new, broken toy.

Lost Keys.

Oh my god, the thrill that I feel when I find keys is kind of crazy and maybe even a little bit unnecessary,but in my defense they're keys with missing locks or rather locks with missing keys. There can't be anything more exciting than that, right? If your answer was no then gtfo of my site haha just kidding I might have had one too many cups of cofeeeeeeee. But hey,is there anything such as too much coffee? 


YAY I AM  RICH. Yes Mahika, your collection of 3 dollars, 2 pounds, 50  rupees and a few cents is so much money right? Please I am begging you, do not burst my bubble, it is awfully warm and comfortable here. 
Everyone agrees that finding change in the snow is one of the awesome-est moments ever( just roll with my lack of creativity). But do I dare say that looking for pennies is just a tad bit more fun? Yes, I do( This escalated quickly ). And if you decide to go change hunting, with a friend or without one, you should definitely treat yourself to something later. Maybe a coffee? Payed with loose pennies and snow covered pounds of course. Or add it to your constantly growing collection,like  I have.


Apart from the obvious fact of " Yay! Free jewellery! " Jewellery to me at least, also tells a story, much like vintage treasures. And then once  you've covered the basic questions you can start asking the deep ones such as why was it lying on the floor with its clasp broken? How long has it been here? Is that a worn out engraving on the back? You may think i'm a creep (hell i think i'm a creep)  but I genuinely love impractical questions and impossible answers. And who knows what will happen if one day you too will lose it. So many questions and practically no answers! It's killing me. And have i forgotten to mention, FREE JEWELLERY? 

Untouched scenery. 

Okay so this may or may not be a bit of a cliche but hey, this is my blog. Well actually its ours, anyway my point is that there is nothing more spectacular than finding a hidden treasure. Literally hidden between mountains on either side or seas as far as the eye can see. If you would ask  me my best tip for finding untouched scenery it would definitely be to  get lost. Theres nothing like getting lost in a city. The people you meet and places you see will forever emboss your soul. To read more about untouched scenery and getting lost you can read another post I had written here.

I hope you liked this post I truly loved writing it, and as always I would love to hear your suggestions and what you think should be on the list and if there is any, what shouldn't. I'm sorry if this post is kind of wacky I am sleep deprived and my veins are buzzing with caffeine. But that's me on a daily basis. Oh and do you think that the quality of photos is better? Because instead of taking them on my camera I simply used my phone. 

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Mahika x

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Have the greatest day ever!

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