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30 Ways to make your blog posts better.

Do you want your blog posts to stand out even though several are created every second? Do you know how? To be honest, neither do I but I have picked up a few essential  and  necessary tips if you want to improve your blog posts and therefore improve your pageviews and traffic. What kind of selfish and horrible blogger would I be if I didn't share a few tips, so here are 30 tips that i think are key to creating good quality and engaging blog posts as well as what you can do to improve your previous published blog posts. 

30. Content is king.

I have previously mentioned the importance of content but I don't think  that enough people truly grasp the concept. Even if you have the worlds sexiest layout and your images are drool  worthy,if your content is slack then no one will read your blog ( unless your a photography blog, woohoo! go photography blogs! ) But what you write is the foundation of your blog, if you want help with your content, request it in the comments below and maybe i'll do it!

29. The longer the better.

Okay I know that your supposed to practice what you preach and I also know that some of my posts are literally 2 lines long. But it's the same as people encouraging people to drink more water and talk about the importance of water while chugging down a can  of coke ( also me). I think that not practicing what you preach is just fine as  long  as what you preach is logical  and sensible.If you are sick and tired of hearing the " the longer the post the better" bullshit then just try it for yourself and see. I can safely say that the most popular posts that I have written have been some of the longer ones.

28. Subheadings are the way to go.

Subheadings automatically make your post look cleaner, more organised and they draw attention to themselves. The more subheadings you have the better, trust me. It works very well in the formatting and break up of your blog post as well. 

27. Have your own opinion.

I know that this is kind of a strange point but I just see so many mindless drones on the  internet spitting out what they see and not really processing anything or adding their own opinion. The only things unique about your blog is you. Flaunt it, embrace it and accept it! People are dying to read raw,unfiltered thoughts and I can assure you that if you truly embrace who you are and your style of writing, you will get more viewers.

26. Find your style of writing.

Practice,practice and practice your writing simply so that you can figure out what kind of writing suits you best and what you enjoy! Everyone does have a unique style of writing, find it and overuse that shit.

25. Use colours.

I really like it when blogs have a colour scheme and I love it when they incorporate it into their posts,  be creative with colour! Use  it for subheadings, paragraphs, quotes and anything else! But also be a it careful because you don't want you post to end up looking really messy and scattered. To be safe, stick to two colours.

24. Have a conversation with your readers.

Instead of writing essays as your posts try and keep it really light and casual so that it's an easy read. Ask your readers questions and try to relate to them. Encourage them to comment, share their opinion and always reply to your comments.

23.    Don't be insensitive

We live in a politically fragile world and without realising it you could be insulting several people with a stupid unintentional sentence. Try and be sensitive and don't talk about cultures without properly researching them  because you could be severely wrong and nothing's more embarrassing or rude. 

22.    Reread

Don't be afraid to scrap large paragraphs if you feel like they're not up to par. Always reread your posts thoroughly and make sure that there are no silly grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes.

21. Include quotes


20. Use images to break up your content.

People tend to click off when they see too much writing on one page so use several pictures and put them between your posts to break them up and  to make your posts look more colourful and vibrant. You can do the same with quotes and typographies.

19. Perfect your text.

Make sure that your text is eligible,not  too small and not too big. Try and avoid really fancy fonts and stick to the basics to make your posts look clean and crisp.

18. Include videos.

Videos are great at the end of blog posts, because then your making surer  that your reader has an endless supply of inspiration if your blog post wasn't enough.

17.Ask  someone.

Sometimes the  best way to know what you need to improve is to just ask someone. Ask them what they think that you should add, do differently,subtract and what they feel is missing. Constructive criticism for the win!

16. Use titles cautiously.

Titles are the first thing that your reader will see about your post. make sure that they are your short, to the point and helpful. Using lists and numbers often engage more viewers.

15. Make your writing scannable.

More often than not people are looking for a quick fix that is more information in lesser time. Subheadings are directly linked to what i'm trying to say here, If your reader is in a rush or just can't be bothered, they pop out.

14. Create infographics.

13. Always have a positive attitude.

The type of person you are and your current mood will always shine through your writing and nobody wants to read a post from a grumpy person. Make sure that your in a positive frame of mind when writing and if your not,you could check out some of our positivity posts or just write later!

12. Keep it simple.

11. Write about something that your 

passionate about.

This one's sort of a no-brainer  but I feel like I needed to mention it. I see so  many people only blogging in the hopes that they will make some money or that they will become famous. 

10. Don't be afraid to make  fun of yourself.

People appreciate humor and there's nothing nicer than down to earth, modest,chill people.

9. People will  listen,if you want them to.

8. Understand your audience.

By understanding your audience  you can understand what they want and by understanding what they want you can try and give it to them through your blog posts and therefore make them better.

7.  Write something that you would want to read.

Everyone's hardest criticis themselves, and sometimes that can work in our favour. What i like to do sometimes after I've edited my blog post is just sit and read it like I would read any other post. Most of the time, I have found words I  would like to remove and paragraphs that I would like to write.

6. Plan your post.

I get the best results when I plan out my post before I start writing. Plan it out using a mindmap, random keywords or even a graphic.

5. Talk to an audience, even if you don't have one.

I once  read that you should write your posts like several people are reading, even if they aren't. It automatically adds confidence to your content.

4.   Listen to your comments.

What your readers recommend is more often than not great advice, and at the end of the day, they are the ones who are reading your posts.

But at the same time..........

3. You know best when its comes to your blog.

2. Let your personality shine through.

There have been several instances on Wanderlustric where I've deleted a paragraph because I thought that people won't like it even though i was in love with it, Don't do that. Let there always be a part of your post which is just you.

1. Be unabashedly you.

Never be  afraid of adding a little sprinkle of your life,thoughts,emotions or even soul into what you write. People have  visited your site to see what you wrote, to see your posts. Give all of you to your writing,always.

-1. Have fun.

Never let blogging become a chore and always have a blast whilst writing. If you don't, maybe it's time to find something else to do. ( Yes, I just gave you guys a -1 i'm just that cool.)

I really really hope you guys like this post, you cannot even believe how long it took to write this. I've been literally at this for like 2 weeks now, ever since a really sweet girl commented on one of our posts asking for it. Okay so a few of you might know if you follow us on Instagram, but i went to London! It was spectacular. I can promise you that Wanderlustric is going to be slightly Europe heavy over the next couple of months simply because i'm so in love with that gorgeous continent. I would really really appreciate it if you left us a few post suggestions in the comments. And if any of you were wondering, I'm not going to talk about the elephant in the room which is the fact that I haven't posted anything since August 15th. Yes, you have full permission to shoot me. But while saying that i can promise that I will update as often as I can.


If you have any suggestions, feedback or you have a question you can leave us a comment below. For any business inquiries you can email us at


"The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for 
our wits to grow sharper." - Bertrand Russel

Mahika x

✈    ✈    ✈    ✈

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