Sunday, 16 August 2015

3 Bloggers who changed my life.

These 3 women have literally changed my life forever. 
They introduced me to a whole new world from my 15" laptop. They inspired,motivated and guided me into making Wanderlustric without me even knowing it. Reflecting on it, scrolling through the web mindlessly wasn't actually a waste of time considering I have found these 3 gorgeous ladies and have been utterly obsessed with them for a little over than half of a year. More than half of a year may not seem like much at all but when I think about the person I was then and the person I am now, it feels like two different lives. The reason that i'm writing this post is because I strongly feel that people will be as inspired by them as I am and who knows, maybe the three godesses themselves will read this ( 3 ticked  off the bucket list ). 
So I'm pretty sure that you're wondering who these three phenomenal women are *drumroll* ........ they are........... Sabina from Girl vs Globe, Sjana from Smyle and last but definitely not the least, Brooke from World of  Wanderlust.


Because I  love all three equally and I could never imagine choosing between them, i will simply list alphabetically. ( Alphabetical alignment, that is what my blog has come to.)

Brooke Saward - World of Wanderlust ( WoW )

Brooke Saward has actually changed my life. She is  literally goals and what she does every single day is what I want to do for the rest of my life. her blog, World of Wanderlust has been my biggest source of inspiration for weeks and i can unashamedly say that I wake up every single morning and go on to WoW to see  what has been uploaded, because she uploads every single day. I  repeat, every single day. And sometimes if I'm super lucky she even posts up to 3 posts per day. I  honestly have no idea how she does it. Is that even human? Oh and apart from that she runs a successful Youtube channel, Instagram,Snapchat, Facebook and literally every other social media you can possibly even think of. Brooke, I can't thank you enough, but to start, thank you, never forget that it is you who inspires me to chase my dreams every single morning.

Trust me when I say that she will change your life as will all of the three.

Instagram - worldwanderlust
Snapchat - brookesaward
Youtube - Brooke Saward


Sabina Trojanova - Girl vs  Globe

Sabina will literally force you to embrace your little kid in my favourite post of hers, 99 things to do instead of growing up ( There are actually 101 ). Shes's hilarious, slightly crazy, incredibly pretty and a great writer. Girl vs globe was literally my first ever introduction into the world of travel blogging and what better way to be in introduced than GvG. If you're ever feeling upset, sluggish or just generally bleh all you have to is go to her blog and regardless of the post you click on, I can promise you that you will leave in a better mood. Her bubbly,glittery and colourful personality literally shines through her her words. And all Sabina fans can agree on one thing, her posting schedule drives everyone nuts. Oh and if  you don't already know, she just started an Instgram! Yay, more Sabina! Sabina, you teach me to embrace myself every single day and my love for travel+blogging started with you, thank you.

Instagram - girlvsglobe
Youtube - girlvsglobe


Sjana Earp - Smyle/sjanaelise

How do  I begin to describe this gorgeous,fun and energetic Austalian beach babe? Apart from her amazing Instagram page in which she posts magazine  quality photos  up to 4 times per day, she also has a blog and her main website - Smyle( Secrets to making your life exceptional ). I truly cannot even describe how much she has helped me. Her inspirational and  motivational posts are actually what kept me going for way too long. She helped me, is helping me overcome depression without even knowing it. Sjana is one of those good human beings, just generally good. Oh and to make you love her ten times more she is currently staying in Africa where she is volunteering in Ghana and submersing herself in charity work. Sjana, thank you so much for reminding me that I am enough, you will be my biggest motivation.

Instagram - sjanaelise
Snapchat - sjanaearp
Youtube - Sjana Earp


I feel like I  got a bit sentimental there for a sec, no suck that tear back up. If any of the three ( I'm just going to  call them 'THE three' from now on ) inspired you as much as they have to me, make sure that you head on over to their websites/social media and tell them that! I''m sure it'll make their day. As for you guys, thank you so so so much for the comments that you have been leaving! It feels amazing to wake up every single day with new comments. It may not seem like much to you but I can assure you that it means the world to me. Oh and thanks Lakisha who seems to be our biggest fan yet! As always I am dying to hear your thoughts on this post and what sort of posts you would like to see up on Wanderlustric. A few of you have been requesting me to do  more 'blogging tips' type of posts but truthfully I just feel like i'm not qualified to be telling anyone blogging tips or giving people advice on it. I know you liked the one I recently did and therefore I promise  that I will try and do as many as I can!


If you have any suggestions, feedback or you have a question you can leave us a comment below. For any business inquiries you can email us at

Have the most inspirational,motivational and glittery day ever!!

Mahika x

✈    ✈    ✈    ✈

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