Saturday, 11 July 2015

5 Tips for travelling in style.

Unfortunately sparkling dresses and shiny gold earrings aren't the ideal way to travel. The dresses will itch on the plane and i assure you that those gorgeous earrings that costed more than a years rent will be detained. Airport fashion is the classic epitome of 'less is more' . And comfort is everything when your going to sitting in a small seat for 6 hours straight .
So here I have listed my top 5 rules for travelling in style.

5 tips for travelling in style

" Simple yet effective. "

5. Scarves.


Scarves are perfect for anything. Doubling up as a blanket, a bad hair day, around your bag and of course around your neck. I know that almost all bloggers swear by chunky knit scarves but i couldn't be more opposed to them. If you have a smaller frame or aren't tall then knit scarves will just swallow your body and constrict your movements. Instead, opt for a thinner,cotton or silk scarf that is lightweight,pretty and effective!

4. Sunglasses. 

Nobody can go wrong with sunglasses. Nobody. Plus, this way nobody will be able to see the dark circles, and if they do, who cares?! 

3. Layers.


Jackets,coats, cardigans and any other type of cover up is perfect. They keep you warm as well as add a more polished and smart look to your outfit. You can't not love them! Regardless of where your going i think that these are essential for airports. It is the only way to not freeze. 

2. Non Metallic Jewelry.

Unless you want to be pinned down by security guards, beads and threads are the way to go. Go through some of your moms jewelry, moms usually have the best beaded things. 

1. Minimal Makeup.


I know that everyone wants to look great with perfect winged eyeliner when they step off the plane,so do i. But sadly this just never happens. My advice is to ditch any heavy makeup and go for a lightweight BB cream and lip balm if anything at all. This'll look better than raccoon eyes, trust me. If you're flight is a long one,has stopovers or is at night i would skip makeup all together.


 These are my 5 rules for travelling in style. Which ones did you agree with? Which ones did you not? And what are your travel fashion secrets? Lately a few more people have been leaving us comments and we couldn't be more thrilled! We absolutely love talking to our readers and we love hearing what you have to say as well as what you would like us to do next! Oh and we've finally added email subscriptions so if you want our articles  to be delivered to you inbox every day along with exciting news and behind the scenes of our blog, sign up now! You can find it at the bottom of the page.

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