Sunday, 19 July 2015

5 reasons why you should love Mondays.

I constantly hear people whining about Monday. "Ugh,Monday is here again." , " Behold the worst day of my week, Monday! ". The more I hear things like this, the more I'm confused. How can anyone hate Mondays? Because I love them so much and they're my favourite day of the week second only to Friday. Mondays are the best! And i'll tell you why.

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5. They're a fresh start.

Everyone has several fresh starts, it's just your perspective that's blocking you from seeing them. You get a fresh start when the clock hits twelve. You get a fresh start when a new week starts and so on and so  forth. Let Monday be your fresh start. Did something really embarrassing happen over the weekend? Monday exists. Do you want to change your life around? Monday is right here to kick start it.

4. Because it's for productivity.

Monday is the exact opposite of  a  Sunday and i think that the reason that people don't like Mondays is because they can't handle the opposites in the course of 48 hours. Sunday screams relaxation, watching television and getting fat.While Monday screams productivity, work and exhaustion. I find extreme beauty in that.

3. Because it's the most unexpected.

You never really realise that it's Monday until it's Monday.

2. It's the best time to go shopping.

According to  a study,Monday is the best time to shop ( especially for cars ) because all the things that didn't sell over the weekend can be  found at discount prices and  in the sale section. Hooray!

1. Because it's all in your head.

Mondays aren't terrible. It's all in your head. You've decided that Mondays are always going to be terrible,  which is why they're terrible. Do yourself a favour and decide that Monday is going to be fantastic and i promise you it will be. The only thing you can control is  your perspective, and frankly that's the strongest thing to be able to control. 


I hope this cheered up anyone dreading Monday, if it did please leave us a comment telling us why you hated Mondays and if this changed your views on it ( or it it didn't ).


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Have a lovely Monday and have a lovely week!
Mahika x

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