Friday, 10 July 2015

15 Reasons why you should pack up your bags and travel.

I'm not one to dismiss other peoples mistakes. I'm the type of person who thinks about them at nights on end, hardwiring it into my brain that I shouldn't make the same ones.

I was watching this Ted Talk, and this guy interviewed 1,732 people from 46 countries, from different backgrounds. He asked them their biggest regret. Guess what it was. 

" I regret not travelling more." 

Do not make the same mistakes. Travel while you can, wether you're 13,20,30,40,50,60,70 or even 80! Travel while you can still absorb all that the world has to offer. Travel to find something, to lose something. Travel to escape,  travel to get over the world, Travel to get over yourself.

If you need that push, this is it. If you needed a sign this is it! Get up! Sell your house, your furniture, your car and just leave. It's not childish to have dreams of travelling the world. And it's certainly not childish to actually do it. Don't be tied down by materialistic things. Don't have anywhere to be at a  certain time or anyone to tell you when to make your bed. Everyone wants to travel, and you just have to do it. Just get up off the couch and travel. 


15. Travel is the only thing that can make you richer.

14. It exposes you to the whole world.

You don't realise that your lifestyle isn't  the only lifestyle until, you see it for yourself. Sure, you think that you know the world until you see it. And  it's magical.

13. To find yourself.

12. To lose yourself.

11. To get to know who you are.

10. To change your perspective. 

9. To create the strongest relationships.

8. To meet all sorts of people.

7. To break free of your comfort zone.

6. To escape.

5. To make time count.

4. To develop a sense of independence .

3.  To create the best stories.

2. Because memories are all that we truly posses.

1.To break free.



I hope that this inspired you to travel a bit more and more often. Please do leave us a comment below, it makes me insanely happy! I love you all!


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Have a lovely day! 


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