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10 Alternatives For Working Out.


Majority of the population hates working out. I personally don't and i think it's actually kind of fun ( feel free to shoot me ) but i know that a lot of people think of it as a task or a chore. Before you decide to start working out or try to get in shape you must know these three things.

> Exercising should  not be a chore! It can be fun and less painful i promise  you! 

> You're motivation should be correct. If you're doing it because you think that you're supposed to or because people are telling you to then you're never going to  be happy while you do it and you will never get the results that you could have gotten. The motivation has to come from within, which brings me to my final point....

> Know your reason for doing so. Are you exercising to lose weight, become fitter, leaner, healthier, happier, or what ? The list goes on. You have to know your reason for doing so and if before every workout you picture where you want to be and what your goal is, i can promise you that it will be so much more effective and easy.

Right now that i have gotten that out of the way, we  can all move on to what this article is  really about, 10 alternatives to working out!

10. Yoga.

I know that a lot of people think that yoga isn't actually a workout and i  agree to an extent but i disagree to an extent. It definitely stretches all your muscles and creates a more leaner and toned body than hard core workouts ever can. There have been several articles written on how yoga is a much better workout than 'workouts' can ever be but that's a discussion for another day.. Another major plus is that you can do yoga anywhere! In your garden, in your bedroom,in a park on the street and anywhere else you can imagine! Just please refrain from doing it in extremely public places like the subway or in the middle of  the street because i feel like people end up looking just a tad bit stupid when they do stuff like that, like we get it you can do a headstand.

9. Cycling.

Cycling is definitely my favourite cardio ever! It's so good and  it's so good for you! All you really need is like a half an hour bike ride every morning and i can assure you that those legs will start shaping up from day one! Truth is  that i don't cycle for the benefits,i cycle because it's one of the most relaxing things ever! especially in the morning when everyone you pass is just so happy and they're all smiling and the streets look stunning. It just puts you in the best mood for the rest of the day!

8. Running.

There was a stage during this march where i would go running every morning with one of my really good friend and I am so glad that i did it! Especially because I'm one of those people who is absolutely opposed to running, i used to hate it and thought that it was the most tedious and disgusting thing ever. My opinion has drastically changed! My stamina and my endurance have definitely increased by a lot and even though while i was running i didn't particularly enjoy it too much,the feeling  i  felt after i had completed the run was absolute bliss! It's the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that you did something that a month ago you would have shaken your head to. Do I really need to talk about the benefits?

7. Dancing.

This is definitely my favourite thing ever. There is nothing better than blasting music in your room and dancing like a maniac after a long day. I know that most people after a long day would like to curlup in bed and watch Gossip  Girl but this is just so much more fun! If I'm alone whilst dancing then i usually incorporate some chores like cleaning up my bedroom or making my bed because it all just feels so much more fun! When you dance, you're moving and that always beats TV and popcorn. And when you dance like I do, then it definitely beats any set of squats. Just dance like no one is watching, because honestly no one is! And if they are, who cares?! You dance like you dance.

6. Evening Walks.

Nothing beats strolling through a park at night with your mum or sister when the weathers good and the air is a little bit misty. Each and every time my sister and I go for a walk we always end up daring each other to run to a certain point and we always end up challenging each other to a sprint! If you're alone the headphones in and music up! My best memories always include breezy evening walks, they're like the biggest source of happiness!



5. Swimming.

This list would not be complete without swimming and you know it! Swimming is just so good for you and your body and i love to do it right before dinner so that by the time I come upstairs I'm starving and there's heaps of hot food waiting to be gobbled up.swimming also tires you out considerably, that's why i don't like to do it in the morning and prefer it at night. The best nights are when you comeback after a two hour swim, scarf down dinner and snuggle up in your bed whilst watching a movie.

4. Use Your Surroundings Smartly.

So this means that if you live in a rocky area or someplace with a lot of mountains, hills, cliffs ect. then you should go on activities such as hikes and treks and things like that. And if you live someplace near the beach then you should go surfing,swimming,diving ect. I could go on and on about this because each and every place is geographically unique and has something quirky and different to offer.

3. Sign Up For A Class.

Whether it's a class for parkour, zumba, martial arts, Tai Chi, Karate or even gymnastics,i can assure you that you will have fun with the right attitude and your body will get in shape as fast as it would with workouts! These classes are also a great way to meet new people and start some new friendships :)

2. Act Like A Child.

Have you ever seen a child sitting in one place doing nothing? No! Children are always so pumped with energy and they're running everywhere, climbing everything possible and just generally being as active as they possibly can! Anyone who is 8+ should definitely learn something from them and use their imagination and creativity to stay in shape while having a blast.

1. Workout.

I know,I'm terrible  and I'm tricking everyone who clicked on this article but don't shut it just yet, i have a point ( for once. ). Working out is fun and can be fun. Here are a list of things to hopefully make your  workout session a bit more easy and a bit more happy.

• Buy a more colourful, pretty workout mat.
• Change your location.
• Exercise with a friend.
• Workout videos are the best!
• Blast music to  pump you up.
• Keep a treat for yourself.Just make sure that it's not something like, " Oh if i workout i will buy a whole McDonald meal for myself! " because that just defeats the purpose entirely . Keep it something that's healthy but still delicious!
• Keep your goals in mind.
• Understand that longer workouts aren't necessarily better or more effective.
• Make sure that you aren't hungry before you start.
• Keep on changing your routine.
• Tell yourself that it's fun, and it will be fun!


There you go! I gave you 3 things you should know before you decide to get into shape, 10 alternatives to working out and 10 ways to make your workout more fun! I hope you liked this post, i worked quite hard on it and I thought that I should warn you that school is starting soon so we might not be able to upload as much but i'm trying to stick to my new schedule, which is post every alternate day. If you liked this please leave us a comment and share it with your friends because sharing is caring! Also we would love to hear your tips and tricks and if you like working out or not!


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Have a lovely week!


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