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The 4 best books to read whilst travelling. ( Guest Post )

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Have a long flight to take? The easiest form entertainment is to carry a good book, but then the question comes, what book would I want to read then, I don't really have a type! So here we are again, suggesting a few books that would be great from the view of the top of the world!

It's now! ^^^

Paper Towns

 by John Green

If you haven't already read Paper Towns and you're going to travel then this book, of the list, is the best you can possibly take, no matter how old you are, you are bound to enjoy the humor and the metaphors compiled in this book. The extraordinary characters give life a new point of view. The best place you can read this, is a place where you can see an entire city because when Margo describes her idea of a Paper Town, you're going to be left mesmerized by the amount of truth she speaks. So, this is a guaranteed unforgettable read and my personal all time favorite!

The Hobbit 

by J. R. R. Tolkein

What could be better than an actual holiday and a vicarious adventure at the same time? And which book could be a better travel-adventure-fantasy package than The Hobbit?
This book also reminds me of a warm cozy fireplace at home and a hot cup of cocoa, that's just the feel I get from this book. It reminds me of home in some ways and that makes it even better for travel!

Eat, Pray, Love 

by Elizabeth Gilbert

The storyline of this book is actual travel goals, so why not vicariously meet our travel goals while travelling? The book is definitely worth your airplane free time so you will definitely enjoy reading it. No further description, just go read will you?


Around the World in 80 Days

 by Jules Verne

Before I start, you BETTER be reading the unabridged version, because the magic of a classic book is when its by the hands of the original author and not tinkered by others so, yeah.

On an airplane to one place, probably even two, but aren't you the kind who's just like, "Dude, why not just do a world tour?" But hey, who's got such big bucks?? What you can do, is pay for this book and go on the world tour with the aspiring and inspiring British Inventor, Phileas Fogg!

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