Thursday, 4 June 2015

How to take better Instagram photos.

Whether you're trying to be a photojournalist or your just trying to impress your friends, everyone should know how to take better Instagram photos.

It's now! ^^^
1. Upload photos from your camera.

For some reason everyone thinks that they can only upload pictures on Instagram from their existing photo collection in their phone. This is completely false. Yes, it is a bit time consuming but it's so worth it. So you first put the images from your camera onto the computer, email the pictures to yourself ( So that you have an email from yourself with the pictures) and then access your email through your phone,save the images and voila! These images will have a higher resolution and will generally look much better.

2. Use Whitagram.

Whitagram is an app that lets you put white borders around rectangular photos so that you don't have to crop them!

3. VSCO Cam.

Remember how i told you to not edit your photos with the Instagram filters, yeah thats because you should be editing them using VSCO Cam, They have a wide range of filters and you can adjust the filter levels and fade them. My favourite tool in this is 'grain' in which it adds a sort of 90's polaroid look to your images.

I hope this helped! 

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- Mahika

Have  a lovely day!

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