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12 Reasons to start eating healthy + 4 lies you tell yourself.

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Everyone wants to eat healthy, but for some reason people believe that eating healthy is -

> Boring.
> Strenuous and hard.
> Doesn't taste good.
> Is too expensive.

These are 4 lies everyone tells themselves. But that's just it, they are lies. Eating healthy is not hard! Healthy food is not boring, it's delicious beans and brown rice, rice paper wraps filled with produce and decadent spinach, corn and mushrooms on flatbread. All of those things sound delicious and i've literally only named three, and none of them sound boring at all! 

If by strenuous and hard you mean you have to cook for yourself then i think it's high time that you take some responsibility. You can't survive on takeouts and drive-thrus. Cooking can be fun! If you tend to get bored then just play some loud music and dance to it in the kitchen! Or put your friend on speaker and speak to them while you're cooking. Cooking is not a chore, it's a form of relaxation.

Healthy food tastes so much better than deep fried nuggets! I promise you, just try it. 

I was reading a National Geographic and they had a very interesting article on how enough produce to make one meal and a meal from McDonalds costs the same amount, and the reason that so many people opt for the unhealthier version is to just save time and energy. Imagine that, they cost the same amount! You're getting absolutely zero vitamins and minerals and food packed with vitamins and minerals and you still choose the former?!. If you really struggle with cooking then just tell us that you want an article on why cooking is fun, how it can be fun and recipes for delicious healthy meals and we will do it! But please don't make excuses.

Now that i have covered all four lies and given you the truth can we please move on to what this article is actually about? The 12 reasons why you should start eating healthier.

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12. Energy.

Food is your body's fuel, imagine if you tried to start your car with water instead of petrol. Wouldn't work right? Same thing goes with your body. Junk food creates a huge spike in your energy levels and then just fizzles out, it's like a massive crash. Those crashes aren't good for your body. Whole foods and fruits will make sure that your energy levels stay high and constant. 

11. Weight Loss

Whether this is your reason for eating healthy ( personally, i don't think it's a good enough reason, but that's a rant for another day) or not, you will be able to control your weight.  But trust me when i tell you that this should never be your reason for eating healthy, you'll feel better on the inside and frankly that's all that matters! 

10.  You'll feel better.

Doing good feels good, the same thing applies to food. When you eat good, you automatically feel good! You know it's true.

9. To boost your immune system.

I fall sick very often and when i eat healthy i swear i don't fall sick. It's like magic! If you don't provide you body with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients how do you expect it to fight the all the fungus', infections, bacterias and viruses trying to harm you. 

8. To sleep easy.

It's actually proven that if you eat healthier then you will sleep better, farewell dark circles! 

7. You'll save a bit of money.

An average American spends $850 a year on soft drinks , on soft drinks! Imagine donating all that to charity, you could save the world!

6. To fight depression.

Depression is a psychological problem as well as a chemical imbalance. If your body isn't getting the right nutrients in abundance how do you expect it to function normally? Aside from that, i find that when i cook, just donating that time to myself is special. It's like showing myself that i truly care about myself. 
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5. Because it's just that easy. 

Your health comes first, it's time you start realising that. 

4. You'll be happier.

What we eat has a massive effect on our brains, bananas contain dopamine, which just so happens to be a mood booster. The road to happiness is food!

3. You'll be more productive.

This is sort of linked with the energy levels, you have more fuel, the more distance you can cover.

2. You'll be less stressed.

Stress,Everyones mortal enemy! Well it turns out that some foods have the ability to moderate our bodies cortisol levels, cortisol is the stress hormone. Studies how that certain foods that are packed with Vitamin C and magnesium help reduce the cortisol levels or at least moderate them.

1. Because you deserve the best.

Enough said. 

Woah, this has been one hell of a long post, and to conclude it i have made a list of my favourite go-to websites for healthy inspiration!


The above really do inspire me and i would love it if you left them a comment telling them that A Million Little Moments sent you! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, i have worked so hard on it! It would mean the world if you left us a comment telling us what we should write about next :)

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  1. These are great tips, I've been trying to eat better and exercise too lately. Healthy food does taste better and the more you eat it, the less you crave junk.

    1. Hi Eden! Thank you so much! Every single comment means the world to us <3 Have a lovely day x Mahika

  2. love this post !!!!!!! its one of the best !!!!! <3 <3 <3

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    1. thank you so much! A bit confused, are you ronald or donald hahaha

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