Tuesday, 2 June 2015

10 reasons why you should go on a road trip.

It is a known fact that i am the queen of road trips. I can safely say that i have been taking road trips since i was 6 months old, and i haven't stopped since.

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10. The bonds that you will form cannot be broken.

This is my favourite part about road trips. The bonds that you form with people are really strong. On the highway you discuss your future plans and share the funniest stories, and next to rice fields you share your deepest secrets. 

9. It gives you time to relax.

A lot of people are often under the impression that a road trip is immensely tiring and that is the reason that half of the worlds population doesn't do it. (Keep in mind that that wasn't a fact and it is just my silly observation skills) Road trips are honestly quite relaxing, whether you're the one driving or the one sitting. For my family at least, driving has never been exhausting but it's always been more of a fun activity.

8. Exploring.

You can never truly explore a place until you've driven all over it. At least that's my motto in life.

7. Getting lost.

my best road trip memories are the ones where we have gotten lost. Once we were on this barely made road with only tress around us and absolutely no sign of habitation. Unfortunately, we had run out of apples and were in search of some real food. We drove and drove but there was nothing there. All you could see on both sides were fields, we decided to stop by some some rocks and just stretch  a bit. The farmers who owned that field saw us and once we had told him what our problem was and he had informed us that we would not find any food for miles ahead, he plucked some radish and cauliflower from his field and made us the most mouth watering parathas. Just out of sheer kindness, nothing else. We offered him some money for the hospitality but he just shook his head,laughed and said,"Seeing you so happy, made me happy!".

6. The greatest mixtapes.

5. Somewhere along the road, you learn a bit more about yourself.

4. You need to have at least one crazy,thrilling and adventurous experience in your life and i promise you that a a road trip will fulfill all o those needs.

3. The scenery.

2.  Nothing is planned.

If you want to take a detour, you can! Often with planned vacations you sort of feel obliged to do certain things, that doesn't exist in road trips.

1.  To quench the thirst of nomadic madness.

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- Mahika

Have  a lovely day!

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