Thursday, 21 May 2015

Top 10 reasons to start doing yoga.

A lot of people refuse to try out yoga because "oh, it's so mainstream. " or " I'm not flexible enough to do yoga.". Well the truth is that all of those are just excuses. You don't need to be flexible to do yoga, it's not gymnastics. My first introduction to yoga was in the 2nd grade. At first i just thought it was stupid and boring, majority of these thoughts were probably because yoga was compulsory in our school till 5th grade. Now, i wish that i would have still practiced because i can't do a handstand half as well as i could do earlier. I'm kind of going off topic here, but what i'm trying to say is yoga is not stupid,dumb,too mainstream,meant for monks or any other s**t like that. So without further ado here are my top BLANK reasons to start doing yoga.

1. It reduces stress,anxiety and leaves you in a better mood.

A 2010 study showed that practicing yoga just three times a week actually can improve your mood and increased the level of chemicals found in the brain that help to combat anxiety and depression. 

2. Improves your posture.

Since a lot of the aasans in yoga require a straight back for proper effect, a good posture is definitely going to develop. You'll start off slouched and un-poised but i promise you in just a month you will see the results!

3. It can improve your sleep.

4. Better balance.

Okay anyone can figure this one out but it's good enough to mention. Tip - when you have to balance during any aasan look at a little smudge on the wall or just anything that is super small and fixed. It helps tremendously! ( Tell me if you want me to do an article of tips for yoga).

5. It helps your breathing technique.

A big part of yoga is the breathing exercises–or the pranayama–which are incorporated into positions and then on their own.The exercises encourage a more focused and centered way of breathing,and while they might not be something you’ll do consciously every day,they’re absolutely sure to provide methods of effective stress-management and generally make you feel much better.Plus, as someone with asthma,it really helps to open your lungs and explore what it means to breath consciously.Trust me: do those pranayamas for a few weeks, and you’ll feel the benefits.

6. Less back pain

7. Mental calmness.

8. Less post workout pain.

9. It's a workout!

Yoga is the best things for long,lean muscles.Not the short,fat kinds you get from squats or crunches. These are the kind of stretches dancers do before dancing, except a bit harder. Try it once and you will realise how it's a workout. In fact if you want you could take out 3 days of working out and just fill it up with yoga!

10. Improves flexibility. 

So there you have it! My top 10 reasons to start yoga! I hope you liked this article for more articles like this or the tips one that i mentioned previously, just leave a comment and i promise i will do it!

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- Mahika

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