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How to deal with depression.

For the longest time i refused to believe that i was seriously depressed. I made excuses for my sadness like,"i'm just hungry" or "it's just a bad day" but when that constant numb sadness stays and just clings on to every bone and every muscle you end up thinking that it's beyond hope.

I've been there,in fact i'm there right now. I'm not going to lie, this isn't for you, it's for me. I'm not saying that i don't want people to see this or that i don't want people to benefit from this i'm just saying that this is my struggle. Most people write about their hard times after they have 'been there,done that' but here i am smack dab in the middle of it and i want to help myself and i want to help anyone who ever felt that they would even come close to being depressed.

Step 1. Understand depression.

A lot of people just mistake a bad day,week or even a year for depression. But you mustn't think that is depression because you will purposely out yourself in a terrible situation. So do whatever you have to do to truly understand what depression is,google it,watch movies,read quotes,read books , my point is that never ever think you're depressed when you actually aren't. I believe that if a person is depressed they will know it, they don't need any conformation. 

Step 2. Accept it.

Now that you know that understand that you're depressed try to know that you are depressed. Sounds confusing right? Trust me, i'm trying to make this a simple as possible. For the longest time i was in denial and i did everything in my power to try and try to be happy but nothing was working. I know realise that i was missing a billion steps and although we are strong we aren't superhuman. So my point is know the fact that you are depressed,sit down and absorb the information.

Step 3. Try and find the cause.

What is it that's making you sad? Is it your life? Your physical appearance? The place you live? Find the cause and half the job is already done. If it isn't in your control then wait it out. I know,sounds horrible right? It will pass. It's either that or running away from your problems but no matter how many miles you put between yourself and the issue it's just going to follow you until your back where you started. If it is in your control, change it. I know that quite a few people struggle with this so i'm going to try and put it as simply as possible and try to explain in detail as much as i can.  Whether it's an abusive relationship,body shaming,bullying,bad family relationships or even having no friends it is all in our hands. Doesn't seem like it does it? But these are the things that we can control. Sure, it'll be hard to change any of the situations but you have to struggle for anything worth having right? And happiness is worth a million struggles.

Step 4. What are you doing differently?

Ty and find the little changes that you have been making. Eg :- you used to talk more or you used to write more. It can be anything small or big. Once you have found the changes i want you to sit with a notebook and write down the differences. Every single morning i want you to consciously try to be the person you were before. I know, taking a step backward isn't the right solution but i want you to look at it like this. Imagine depression being this endless, dark hole that was very conveniently covered with leaves so that you wouldn't see it. Because you were just walking, you accidentally fell into the hole. The reason you need to climb backward is so that you can take a massive leap and jump over the hole.I really hope i'm not confusing you.

Step 5. Taking the leap of faith.

Remember that huge jump that we were previously talking about? Yeah well this is it. Change yourself drastically and only think about yourself for a moment. I find that i don't do half the things that i originally wanted to do because of the borders we put on ourselves and the imaginary pressure that we enforce on our lives. So please just for once have no moral conscience and just be free. No rules or standards or deadlines. Just you.

Step 6. Tell the people who care about you.

At first i was almost ashamed of my depression,i wouldn't tell anybody. And honestly no matter how much a person knows you or understands you they most probably won't be able to tell that you have depression therefore will always treat you the same and that isn't what you need right now. Tell them that you're depressed. And please don't feel bad if they can't guess that you have depression because they're probably caught up in their own lives and that completely fine and you need to understand that that's fine. It's not like they couldn't figure out because they don't care, its not like that. Once you have told the people you care about and who care about you you will have positive energy and motivation from all 360°.

Step 7. Know that it doesn't last forever.

I'm depressed. And i know that it seems like it'll last forever. But it won't i promise you. Because how can sadness last forever if happiness can't. And how can emotions last forever when we ourselves can't. 

Step 8 - Seek Medical help.

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