Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How to be thankful for what you don't have.

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This may confuse you a bit. It confused me at first.  I came across this saying/lifestyle while i was going through Sjana Elise's blog. She absolutely swears by this and says that it is her number one rule for happiness. I had never been more baffled in my entire life. How could anyone be thankful for things they didn't have? How?

I thought and thought and thought but nothing.i was blank. Absolutely blank. I understood what it meant to be thankful for things you have but how can you be thankful for things you don't?

Then it hit me, i finally understood! I am so thankful that i don't have bulimia,anorexia,mental disorders or suicidal thoughts. Maybe you have suffered from any of these (or more, i've only named a small amount.) and you were feeling sad at one point, but now you aren't, you're free! It is impossible for us to not be free from at least one of our demons. Just stop for a second. You overcame something you though you never would have been able to. You aren't one of thousands of children starving, you have a home,  a family,people who love you. There are people in this world who dream about your life and here you are wasting it.Literally just wasting it by sitting and not doing something that will make you grow as a person or just helping other people. Instead you're sitting feeling sorry for yourself. 
How does that make you feel?

Pretty pathetic right? You could be prancing around in a garden, singing loudly,picking flowers and braiding it into your hair but you choose to sit in your dark room and just think about how horrible  your life is. This is your life and these are all of your choices right in front of you.  Every single decision you have ever  made has led you to this point and you've made some great ones and the result shows but you can't open your eyes to the beauty of the world! Get up and get out. Explore. Dream. 

If you don't have any motivation to be thankful for what you  don't  have then you are disappointing and letting down the person who dreams about your life. Trust me, there are thousands who just want one day of your life and you have all of it! 

Open your eyes and see potential,inspiration,dreams,happiness,laughter,beauty and kindness. Be all of that. 

Be the happiest person you could ever be! Dream so big that you think your heart is going to explode. Laugh so loudly that you honestly forget what crying feels like. Be so kind because you can.

That was sort of a rant, but i'm really glad that i got all of this out of my system. I love posts like this and i really  enjoy writing them, do you like them?And if so, what do you want me to write about next?

 hope you liked this! If you have any suggestions, feedback or you have a question you can leave us a comment below. For any business inquiries you can email us at wanderlustric@gmail.com.

Have a lovely day!


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