Saturday, 23 May 2015

5 things you need in your carry on luggage.

We all have been at that stage where we remembered to pack a sharpener in our carry on luggage and not a book. To ensure that this never happens again, i have made a list of my top 5 carry on essentials.

5 things you need in your carry on luggage.
It's now!^^^^

1. A sturdy,stylish backpack.
Along with the stuff that you're going to pack, what you pack it into matters just as much. You would want something that has a lot of pockets/dividers. You also want to opt for a darker colour because if it's white, it will easily get dirty and nobody has the time and patience to clean white leather.

2. A good book.

Everyone needs a good book on a flight. Do i even need to explain this one?

3. A large cardigan/scarf

I sit just me or does everyone feel really cold on flights? I literally have to wear jeans each and every time ( even when i'm lying to a beach ) because i feel so cold! My tip is to carry a large scarf of cardigan so that it can double up as a warm,soft blanket.

4. A pair of good headphones.

Everyone knows that the plane headphones suck.

5. Your camera.

When i travel, i like to document literally everything! From the flights to even the different airports. This one is  must for me. I have never gone on a flight without my camera and i will never, plus the sky and clouds look gorgeous from up there.

I hope you all liked this one! It's kind of different from the other ones, but i really enjoyed writing it! 


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- Mahika

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