Sunday, 24 May 2015

15 things you should never do on a flight.

You know those times when people are being so utterly ridiculous and stupid that you almost feel that the air hostess should hand everyone a flight etiquette brochure along with the drinks? Yeah well this is for anyone who is even remotely unsure of what they cannot do on a plane.  ( From stories i've heard and experiences i have gone through)

It's now! ^^^

1. Don't talk really loudly. I mean,come on!

2. Don't burp, ever.

3. If you are the type of person who needs to use the washroom a lot,don't sit next to a window.

4. Don't pluck your eyebrows, true story.

5. Please, please do not get drunk.

6. Don't spread out literally everything in your carry on luggage.

7. Never recline your seat during any meal, does nobody think about other people?

8. Please keep PDA to a minimum, there was a couple literally making out behind me once.

9. If you snore, carry nose strips.

10. Please don't argue with the air hostess if she asks you to sit down, manners.

11. If you have kids,please do not let them run around crying.

12.  Press the call button only once,they're coming, relax.

13. Do not clip your fingernails.

14. Take up only a small amount of overhead storage, HUMANITY.

15. Last but not least, please ,please ,please only use one armrest. It's the way the world works ,okay?!

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