Saturday, 4 April 2015

Top 5 travel films.

If you're like us then you sometimes need some inspiration, a moving true story or just an adventure.
Well here are my top 10 travel films which have all of that.

1.  Into the wild

This is a moving story about this guy who gave all of his savings(24,000$) to charity and just drove. Eventually his care got stuck somewhere....(no spoilers, i promise!) and he went by foot, He met a whole lot a characters who changed who he was,how he thought and shaped him into a different person.

2. Wild

I literally can't give you any description without spoilers so i'm just going to tell you chat Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) ditches everything and walks along the Pacific Crest, one of  Americas toughest,most dangerous trails. This movie is so good and i can't stress enough how much you need to watch this.

3. Queen

Okay,first of all this is a bollywood film so a bit of it is in Hindi but subtitles exist for a reason right?
This movie is my holy grail,it should be number 1. But i'm way to lazy to actually shift all of this now. Anyway,this movie is about this Indian girl who has been brought up in a conservative family and has been a good girl all her life. And she's the type of person who prays to god so that her 'first time' goes well. Her fiance ends up breaking up with her just 2 days before the wedding. She cries for one day straight and decides that she's going to go on her honeymoon (to Paris and Amsterdam) alone. She meets amazing people  and its just the best movie ever like ugggghhhh!!

  4.  Eat,Pray,Love

Okay,this movie is on everyones 'travel films' list but i feel its a bit 'i'm trying too hard' I like the movie nonetheless and i think its a great pick me up! For those of you who live under a rock its a movie  about this woman who's really successful and she quits everything (including her marriage) and runs off to Italy to eat, Bali to love and India to pray.

5. 127 hours

I do love this film and i think Aron Ralston (the guy whom this movie is based on) is a true hero,but i feel the movie gets a bit long and repetitive and i know  that its really hard to make a movie on such a situation but its just gets boring in the middle. Anyway, It's a must watch and I love it!

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Hope you have the loveliest day!

Mahika x

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  1. A little of imagination. It's cool ! ;)

  2. To my surprise, I don't know any of these films. Anyway, I have read the description of the first one. The plot sounds very interesting.


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