Thursday, 23 April 2015

Top 10 gifts for travellers.

If you're  anything like me you seriously struggle with buying people gifts. Honestly, for me its one of the hardest things ever. Is this too much? Is this too little? Will this fit? Is this too expensive for someone i don't know that well? 
But the worst is when you have to buy a gift for someone who travels a lot. You can't get them something for their home because they're rarely there. You see her wearing jewellery but you're still unsure of what she would like,dainty or statement? So to make all of your lives simpler i have come up with the top 10 things to buy a full time traveller.

1. The roll-up usb charger. $35

This one is for the organised traveller. But honestly,who wouldn't need this? And it costs less than you would've expected. Oh and no more frantically checking under your hotel bed and inside the minibar for your phone charger. It's aaalllllll there.

2. Waterproof i-phone case.

This is for the adventurous traveller because honestly they plan a day to go a certain way and the next thing you know they're jumping off of a waterfall. I haven't mentioned  price because it varies,you can get some for $15 and some hike up to $100. Oh and while you're picking this up for the said person,pick up one for yourself and me! 

3. Kindle  $119

For the bored traveller. And no,i don't mean they're bored on their trips,i'm talking about plane rides,train rides,car rides and and other sort of ride you can imagine, except for like a roller coaster ride, maybe. Okay, it is a bit pricey but your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/whoever you intend on giving this to, will love you forever and ever. Not that they already don't.

4. Scratch-able wall map. $20

For the accomplished traveller. The amount of times i have raved  about this to my friends is not even normal,seriously. Who wouldn't want this? I literally day-dream about the day when the entire map is scratched out. You get a variety of different kinds,personally i love the gold foil ones because i think they are gorgeous but you get black ones,white ones and ones where the country is outside and when you scratch it it becomes black.The price i have put up is for the gold foil one.

5. Travel Apps. $6

For the phone addicted traveller. Okay,so i plan on making a post about these anyway,so if you want that to happen leave a comment and i'll do it! These are the next big thing because they are making life so much simpler! You can do anything from tracking your flight,to storing all your trip information,organizers,currency translators,language translators and the list goes on.

6. A good pair of sunglasses  $22+

For the stylish traveller. This is really self explanatory. But you want to make sure that you know which types of sunglasses she likes because not every style works on every face shape and it would be devastating if it didn't work.

7. A map of home (necklace) $26.50 +

For the nostalgic traveller. Apart from this being oh so adorable it's got a personal feel to it and it's something i would never let  go of. Its customisable and i got mine off of etsy but there are hundreds of different places where you can get them.

8. A stylish but sustainable backpack.  $35+

For the i'm-ready-with-anything type of traveller i.e. my mother. For me,these are a must! especially if you hate travelling with a jacket on your arm,a camera in your hand,a passport,maps,whatever your drinking,whatever your eating and on top of that your hair is blowing in every direction and now the gum in your mouth is stuck to your hair and yeah. The situations are endless. See, it's a necessity

9. A sustainable makeup bag with compartments $34.95

For the my-foundation-stains-everything type of traveller. A problem i face with makeup up bags is that you're expected to dump everything into one compartment,am i the only one who has an issue with this? And if my BB cream leaks the bag is ruined. And so is the packaging of that gorgeous lancome lipgloss. So i found the perfect solution, a plastic(stains will come off),gorgeous(how is that not the cutest thing ever!) makeup bag with compartments. You may applaud me now.

10. A ticket to anywhere.

For any traveller.

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- Mahika

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  1. Among all these gifts, the map appealed m attention most of all. The idea of this map is so cool. Does anybody know, where I can get it?


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