Friday, 3 April 2015

Top 5 Twitter & Instagram accounts!

Hi! So these are out top 5 instagram/twitter accounts.

1. sjanaelise

If you're looking forward to your instagram being filled with adventure,yoga,health,fashion,sunshine eating and general happiness,this is the account for you! She is literally a fitness goddess and if you want to make more yummy but healthy food and workout in less painful but effective ways, you MUST try her tips!
p.s. Her website may just be even a liiitttlllleee better!


2. memyselfandtea

Detox teas that calm and energize?!hell yes! These  herbal teas are so fantabulous that i want to cry.

3. annietarasova

This amazing woman has the yummiest fruit smoothie recipes with the addition of seeds! Her instagram is truly perfection.

4. worldwanderlust

She is the god of travelling and my goal in life is to be her. From Africa to Asia,shes seen it all and has the BEST tips on travelling ever!

5. thewellneswanderer

Another amazing blog filled with tips and tricks and general wellness and well being.Who might also be a #fruitfreak


Top 5 Twitter Accounts You HAVE to follow!

1. DIY Outfits or @TheClothPorn

They may not go by the name DIY, may not have any DIY’s, but they will sure post a SUPER cool new style almost every hour! Who wouldn’t want a new dress/shoe/coat/shorts etc. to fall in love with? If you are into dressing up and looking good this is DEFINITELY for you!

2.     Good Student @BestStudentProb

I’d not only recommend this to students but also to all the adults! You’ll find so many accounts wasting tweets and time stating the fact that they are funny. This account is actually really hilarious. Fingers can’t stop themselves from retweeting! @girlposts, @SoMadMom and @FunnyTedBear are great too!
 (sorry but we don't have a picture for this! I guess you'll just have to check it out yourself!)3.

3.  Authentic Nutrition  @AuthenticNutri

Fitness freak like me are you? This account has the best advice on the do’s and don’ts when you’re trying to get fit. To have them as a constant reminder of your diet plan on your timeline might help too!

4.   Worddiction @wordstext

When it comes to quotes, this account wins. 99% of the time I’m saving the quote pictures they post on my phone and posting them on every social media to ever exist! Make sure you’re following this account.

5.  Uber Facts @UberFacts

“The most unimportant things you’ll never need to know.” Perfectly ideal bio, this account has the best facts and yes, the most unimportant ones. Worth a follow readers, definitely worth a follow. Challenge is don’t retweet. xD (Not Gonna Happen.)

well shit.

I hope all of you liked our top 5 instagram and twitter accounts! If you have any suggestions,questions or feedback just comment down below! 

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Hope you have the loveliest day!

Mahika x

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  1. Although, I see all these Instagram accounts for the first time, I already fell in love with the fifth one. I definitely must check it.


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