Monday, 2 January 2017

A Roundup of 10 Top Blogging & Instagramming Tips of 2016.

2016 has been a year of blogging for me. The greatest things that happened to me this year were in the sphere of blogging. I got my first sponsorship, got invited on a press trip to Bali, figured out how f***ing hard it is to manage school and blogging, got a promo code of my name, hit follower goals and overall just created a lot of content. Wanderlustric is my happy place, it's the little world that I control and it genuinely means so much to me that  you stick around and you do leave comments and send me emails. So thank you. I'll always appreciate every single one of you. 

1. If you're feeling uninspired, look back at your content. 

I know that you would think if you're feeling uninspired you should browse a couple of other blogs and Instagram accounts just to get ideas flowing however I've realised that its much better to just look back at your old content and what got you inspired in the first place. For me thats stories, travel, nature and day to day people. These are the things that fascinate me and these are the origins of all my content. 

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is a photo sharing website where you can also use other people's images for free. It's genuinely where half of my blog post ideas come from, you could see a picture of two friends travelling and write a post on 30 best places to travel to with your best friend or see a picture of a concert and write about the best festivals categorised according to continents. The pictures are endless therefore the ideas that can spawn from them are endless.

3. The way to get ahead is to get started.

It's simple.

4. There has to be a balance between quantity & quality.

I'm genuinely sick of seeing articles debating on whether quality > quantity or quality < quantity. I think that there has to be a balance but the balance should be leaning towards quantity, simply for one reason. This reason is that if you focus too much on quality you'll end up posting once in 8 months. The best quality would be closest to perfection and perfection in the creative world is a useless and meaningless word.
I'm not saying post shit articles 7 times a day but the reason I would move towards quantity more is because you can always improve on quality as time progresses and you'll never fully be satisfied.

5. You already have the tools you need.

I used to think that if I got a MacBook I would be able to become an amazing blogger but the fact is that as long as you have a semi-working source to create from, you can do it. Now that I have a MacBook I can appreciate how much easier it is but the fact is that you can do it from whatever you have. Don't wait for certain scenarios to occur in your life, build yourself up to them so that when the moment arises you'll be prepared.

6.  It's imperative to disconnect.

Take a trip to a deserted cabin in the mountains where there's barely any phone connectivity let alone wifi. We are all human. We all need time away from Snapchat stories, Instagram comments etc., especially as bloggers.

7. The more you post on Instagram, the more followers you'll get.

I know, it's easier said than done but it does work. The ultimate proof is Chiara Ferragni.

8.  Casey Neistat will always work as motivation.

For days when you've got a million different things to do and it's imperative that they're done by a certain time but all you really find yourself doing is watching Netflix and eating, watch Casey Neistat. I've spoken about him before therefore I won't go into further detail but literally all you have to do to get yourself out of a slump is to watch this, this & this.

9. Facebook groups are a great way to find bloggers to collaborate with.

Join as many Facebook groups that centre around your niche as you can, you'll be flooded with opportunities.

10. Maintain your strive.

Blogging isn't easy, it is a full time job. But if you enjoy it as much as I do, you'll love the late nights and sore eyes.

Once again, thank you for sticking around. Here's to a year of fun, happiness and productivity!

Have an extraordinary year,

Mahika x

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

10 Things Every Blogger Needs.


Every blogger needs must-have tools to help them with their plans to conquer the world. Here are some of my favourites ranging from calendars and planners to candles and coffee. I've been blogging for about two years now so this is perfectly curated from two years worth of solid experience and my genuine and honest tips. 

1. A huge calendar to hang up.

I like this to constantly remind myself of whats coming the following month, its more useful than a desk calendar or a notebook one because this way I cant really avoid the deadlines and events that stare at me each time I sit down on my table. I also prefer bigger ones because then I can keep a more detailed list of events per day. 

2. An ideas notebook.

Every has one. It's the little notebook where all your ideas emerge suddenly and beautifully fall into place. You can start off with just using it for blog post ideas but it'll soon emerge into your blogging gospel and contain important collaboration information, passwords, picture composition ideas, blog post ideas and stress doodles. I have one and its a little black notebook with colourful section dividers and its even the notebook where the name 'Wanderlustric' came to life. I was playing with the words wanderlust, travel, explore and it just happened. The page is now torn out and hung up on my mood board which brings me to my second point...

3. A mood board. 

A mood board is basically like a Pinterest board come to life. It helps me to have physcial reminders of what i'm trying to reach and my priorities pinned up.

4. Coffee

Enough said.

5. Scented Candles.

Okay so this is going to sound kind of stupid but if I buy a particular scent, for example, Vanilla and light it each time i'm sitting down to purely write, it just helps with the flow of creativity and I accustom the scent to thinking and working hard.

6. An extensive collection of post-it notes.

Because as a blogger plans change, you further on ideas,plans change again, you're reminded of an entire section of your life that's not covered on your planner and plans change again.

7. Back up batteries for EVERYTHING.

Enough said pt. 2.

8. A succulent or cacti garden.

I'm not using succulents or cacti because they're aesthetically pleasing ( okay maybe a little bit ) but rather because these are plants that survive if you water them only once a week a.k.a. perfect for your busy life. Ive always been brought up around plants and this is such a necessity for me.

9. Patience.

 If you're a blogger then I know what it feels like to feel so incredibly frustrated with how slow paced people and goals can be sometimes. However we both know that continuing to work hard and work for success even when it feels like it isn't coming is the only way to keep sane. Patience is a virtue.

10. A good attitude.

To further on the point above, being positive and keeping your work ethic in the earliest hours of the morning and moving on to different projects quickly when others don't work out is all you can really do sometimes, and the good thing is - it'll be enough.

I hope you liked this and please do leave me post ideas for 2017, i've got a couple ready but I want to know what you want to see!

Have a splendid day,

Mahika. x

Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to spend a rainy day in London.

Spending a sunny, pleasant and blue skied day in London is easy. You'll just go to Hyde Park, drift further from there and stroll through Piccadilly Circus. However spending a cold, rainy and grey skied day in London is more probable and much harder so here are the things that I would do because to be honest, I would much rather explore London in the rain ( not like actually out in the rain don't worry ) than stay inside all day. For whats the point of being in another city if you're just going to do what you could do at home.

Drift in and out of coffee shops.

Take the tube to Old Street and find any coffee shop, carry a book or your laptop and slowly become a self proclaimed coffee expert within the 3 mile radius that you will explore. This is genuinely so much fun and the sound of rain, banana-walnut muffins, soft indie chill music and the smell of coffee create an almost perfect vibe.

Visit a museum, art gallery or an interesting exhibition at that time.

You don't want to waste a sunny day doing all of this so use the excuse of rain to explore the inside of London. There are a couple of places in London like Tate Modern, The Royal Academy Of Arts and Saatchi Gallery which usually have something new and interesting constantly going on. 

 Call a friend and create content together.

Find a place with a spectacular view like Sky Garden, St. Paul's Cathedral and Duck & Waffle and create whatever you like in the same space. I think I've mentioned this before but I think its magical when two people just sit together and create stuff, you don't have to be creating the same thing in fact they can be absolutely different and talking isn't necessary either. Whether its a research paper, blog posts, art assignment, robotics project, random sketches, a novel or even a scrapbook out of your pom pom collection. The actual content of what your creation doesn't matter, but the fact that you are together creating content in rainy London is what truly matters.

 Find a library and make a friend there.

 Find the cutest library you can ( some are Anthropology Library & Research Centre and Ziferblat) and find a random stranger to befriend. You never know maybe this person can accompany you on your adventures and even if its just a nice conversation, it'll be worth it.

Call a friend and go on a slow pub crawl.

Pick any bar in Soho and just go crazy. I feel like a huge part of London's culture is its pubs so instead of just focusing on the alcohol try and absorb the atmosphere, fish and chips and overall English vibes.

I hope this helped because I constantly see articles about how to spend sunny,warm and overall rare days in London instead of the usual rain or grey skies. I know that this so short so let me know if you want a longer version or even a part two!

Have a wonderful day,

Mahika x

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